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    South of Chehalis, Washington
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    Bikes, Machines, Photographs.

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    Ex Bike: - Sold...2005 Tourist,in Black, converted to 2wd, with fairing, leg shields, comfy bench seat, spare fuel tank, tank mounted gear change, deep sump, 'Dunstall' Mufflers, H Pipe delete, and a tractor power point in the chair.
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    I have a Gear Up, A Yamaha TW200 and am looking for more.

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Retired Military, now homesteading in Lewis County, Washington. I had a great 2005 Tourist, that I converted to two wheel drive, but sold it. Sulked every day since then, so currently, (Feb 12) am looking for another, but not one to convert, I hope, I want either a Patrol, or Gear Up..

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