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    Ex Bike: - Sold...2005 Tourist,in Black, converted to 2wd, with fairing, leg shields, comfy bench seat, spare fuel tank, tank mounted gear change, deep sump, 'Dunstall' Mufflers, H Pipe delete, and a tractor power point in the chair.
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    I have a Gear Up, A Yamaha TW200 and am looking for more.

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  1. Twice in the last two days, SS site has been down, for ten or more minutes - don't know why, I will post on there when it comes back.,
  2. I have been there the usual five or six times today, with no problem. It is up and running right now.
  3. That is interesting - the problems you'd have getting tags for it.. :)
  4. I have never felt the need for the owner's manual to be with me - I keep at home for the occasional read, but usually in the file with the other papers on the bike.
  5. When I use a windshield my mileage increases - It may be a huge sail, but it is more streamlined than my chest. :)
  6. If I keep to sideroad and slow highway speeds - 50 - 55mph, I can get a constant 28mpg. Going faster or off road, it alters - faster goes down to 23-24mpg, off road goes to about 19mpg.
  7. Fried pickles sounds kind of tasty, if a bit strange. Sounds like your ride was just what you needed. Just as soon as the weather stops being annoying, I will doing much more riding - got 540km on the rig now, and need much more.
  8. I am comfortable enough with hack rigs, to ride anywhere solo, or with my monkey. The handling is different for load or no load, but it isn't scary - to get a rig to do anything frightening, you first have to do something you should not be doing - like speeding into curves, as you can with a two wheel bike. If you understand the limitations of the hack machine, it won't surprise you, scare you, or even let you down. There is no intentional ballast in my rig, but I have a jack, a tool roll, a rope puller, some emergency gear, a few spares, and all the Ural tools and gear in the trunk. A total of about forty pounds, and that stays in the rig all the time. I have ridden both one wheel and two wheel drive rigs - I prefer the two wheel drive for the activities I enjoy doing, and the fact that it is a more stable ride in corners - the one wheel drive was more willing to lift, but still was not scary at all. I live in WA, where the roads don't follow straight lines so curves are commonplace, so riding the rig is a sedate meander through the countryside, unless you want to have a pro monkey and throw yourself around in the seat. Then you CAN get amazing maneuverability with these machines and a fantastic work out at the same time. Unfortunately the Pro Monkey I know is not in my family, so the chance of having curvey fun is limited to the experience of my spousal monkey. She does well enough for us.
  9. If I could find a supportable income in Russia, I would be there like a shot - I traveled in Russia, The Ukraine and Georgia in the seventies and eighties - it was a great place, even under the Soviets. I haven't been back for a while, but still have close friends I email with. Unfortunately I cannot take my pension with me.. Only pays in the US.
  10. That is $100 more than I would offer.
  11. Welcome back.. Not having an Ypan was difficult for me too - I came back a month since, and am enjoying the relaxing rides.
  12. That would be really good - I hate carrying four keys when I ride - one would be perfect. Maybe I should have waited to buy a '12.
  13. So hard to use, nothing is in the box to lose.
  14. Making suitable seats would not be a difficult thing - I just checked the seat in my GU and think I could make a better one very easily. Vinyl is easy to get, firm foam layers easy to cut, and plywood for the base to attach the shaped vinyl to.
  15. The exhaust is the 'modtop' version. A great improvement over the stock, but still prone to hits off-road. The '11 has a high exhaust to keep it out of the way.
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