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    guns, h1 hummer, riding

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    i purchased a dnepr mt-16
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    i live in Atl, GA and grew up on bikes

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  1. Hey man! Great to run into you out in the wild. Let's hang out sometime! =D

  2. nice pictures- it looks like a fun trip... what is the make and model of your bike? do you know the year? nick
  3. many thanks Clint~ mine are paper so i will just replace. nick
  4. hi, does anyone know the best way to clean this type of air filter. do i take it apart? there is paper inside of it. do i "change" the paper out or clean it as well? thanks
  5. do u have a website or catalog or parts? will a ural tank fit on my bike? i like their lines (the slant of it) better. nick
  6. the info you mentioned makes sense. i am keeping a running tally of the $ i am putting into my bike. i have a title, tag, and registered it. i also have replaced the battery and a few other tweaks . it seems to run great and i don't see myself selling it anytime soon. i just need to come up with a ballpark # so when i am ready to sell i make sure not to get ripped off/ rip anyone off i am selling it too. thank you again for the info
  7. thank you Cold War Trophies. the sidecar wheel is non-powered so it is a mt-11. just curious i get asked a lot and i am not sure the answer. what approx is the bike worth? thanks for the info! nick
  8. hello, i read on hear before a gentleman that post could look up what kind of dnepr you have from the vin plate? if anyone can help me with this please let me know. thanks, nick
  9. can u please e-mail me pics of them and the cost? thanks. nickandkeri@mac.com
  10. thanks for the info. i appreciate it. do you have any "shin guards" Bural? nick
  11. good info thanks clint....
  12. thanks dave i appreciate the info. what do you do to enrich the mixture of fuel and air to keep it in this range? how can i do it to my bike? nick
  13. i am not doing an experiment i am riding my bike a lot in a hot part of america and wanted to know what approximate temp i should pull over and let the bike cool down. specific or general degrees would be greatly appreciated. nick
  14. hello, i purchased one of those laser temperature gauges and i have been checking the temp after long rides. it is between 250 and 330 degrees after long rides. what is a safe temp for this engine and what is the best place to hold the gauge for the most acurate reading? i use the 20/50 senthentic oil and replace it when it becomes too black. i just would like to know what kind of temp my bike can handle? many thanks, nick
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