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  1. I got tired of the cracked fuel lines so, I got the chrome braided fuel lines and man do they look great. Don't have to worry about the cracking anymore. Thought you all might want to try them. T2 :thumbsup!:
  2. Speaking of gun mount's. Where can you get a replica of a machine gun for the hack? Anybody? Thx T2
  3. I have a 2006 and have'nt received anything. Maybe it's just the raven's.
  4. Welcome and get riding! The weather here in Phoenix, AZ is already in the high 80's and to be in the low 90's this week end so the riding here is perfect. I never get to ride in the snow :thumbsup!: but I'll bet it's alot of fun. :unsure2: Good luck and be careful. T2
  5. Happy birthday to all you Pisces. Not just because mine is on the 8th of this month :thumbsup!: but I thought we would like to hear it. Well, some of us don't like to be remined. I know. LOL So Happy Birthday and safe riding. T2
  6. And if your wife does it for a living you also get it FREE! Like mine. :thumbsup!:
  7. I got mine from Wagner's and I love the National Cycle Plexi II. It was a bit of a pain trying to figure out how to mount it, but now I love it and it does an awesome job redirecting the airflow. Love it, love it Thx. Can you show me a picture of yours? If not it's ok. That is the one that I was leaning to. Thx for the thumbs up. T2
  8. Hi all I'm thinking about getting a windshield for my URAL and I saw two different ones on Wangners site but don't know which one to get. I'll listen to what ever you all have to say about any type for the Urals. Thx T2 :thumbsup!:
  9. It looks to me that the guy is holding the HACK up!
  10. Nice! Nice saddle bag to. Where's the HACK?
  11. Looks nice. Question, which hand do you use to shift with? T2
  12. I found 4. Did I miss something else?
  13. My Girl Friend want's to know if you want your Wallet BACK!
  14. Hope you all Have a Safe and Merry Christmas.
  15. Not all of the emoticons (smileys) seem to be working for me either. The group icons are re X's as well. The one's under the members name. Are your's?
  16. Why do I now have all of these red X's on all of the I con's? Anyone else with this problem? And now I can't get into Iron Galleries. Whats up? T2
  17. Is there a gas gauge for the URAL'S?
  18. In Nov. 3rd thru the 5th, the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show is coming to Phoenix. IMZ-Ural will be bringing down the entire lineup of Urals to Display. It will be held at the Cardinal Stadium. Thats at the 101 and Glendale. It's just east of the 101. And right arcoss the street is the New Corbelas. If you love hunting and fishing. Anyway, thoght you all would like to know. See ya T2
  19. And where did he get that HELMET?
  20. This ride is in Glendale Arizona at the Glendale Arena, West Gate. Registration is at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 9:45 a.m. RAIN or SHINE! The Glendale Arena is located at 6520 N. 91st Ave. (5 miles north of I-10 just east of Loop 101. take Glendale Ave. Exit) Grand Prize is a Honda Motorcycle. Free Coffee/donuts and light lunch. For more information please call (800) 253 6530 or visit www.rideforkids.org Hope to see ya there! T2
  21. How is it spelled in German? The word gas that is. For a gas can.
  22. Well, living in the desert it's great having two wheel because you can see the roaster tails very well while in 2 wheel drive. I've had no problems off road in 2 wheel. But for sure don't use it on the open road. You maybe real sorry that you did. :blush: T2
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