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    Riding, astronomy, kayaking, sailing, kites

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    2005 Ural Tourist "Tchortiha" (The name kinda means 'She-devil' according to my Russian co-worker; who spent many hours in her father's sidecar while growing up in Yekaterinberg.
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    Been riding 32+ years, this is my first hack. Once my wife sat in the sidecar the deal was done. I also own a Goldwing and a scooter. I got the Ural soon after successful surgery to cure prostate cancer - kinda gave me a different outlook on things. Life is too short to waste time on fools, mean women, bad beer and boring cycles. Therefore I no longer suffer fools (gladly or otherwise), I'm happy to be married to a wonderful woman, I drink Sam Adams when I drink beer and a Ural Tourist certainly is NOT boring!!!

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  1. I've long thought a person could make a comfortable living selling quality threaded fasteners in Russia. As I remove nuts/bolts/screws from my 05 Tourist, I replace them with new (generally SS) ones. The small expense is more than made up for by knowing it will come apart a second time. And I'll never understand why any manufacturer would install phillips or slotted screws in something exposed to the elements.
  2. Hmmmmm.......just went through a bit of this today. I've had my starter solenoid apart a couple times, last time I took it to work and gold plated the contacts. Yesterday I was just getting a clicking and no electric start, not a serious problem as I usually use the kicker anyway. Hooked a remote starter switch from the hot lead on the starter solenoid to the spade connector for the solenoid coil, works like a champ, test complete. Just so's I'd have electric start capability for tomorrow, I wired in a momentary contact toggle switch, mounts in the almost-half-inch hole directly under the nose of the tractor seat. The small relay tucked in there above battery is the culprit, that's what's clicking and apparently has burnt contacts. Is that the one that cross-references to RY-115?
  3. Britian??? What place is that....do you mean Britain? You can't even spell your own country's name, you sure you ain't a closet 'merican? And it's 'reposessing'. You limeys and your warm beer, the stuff's addled yer pate. By all means come on over, though. It's an election year, we tend to get truly ridiculous for a few months and quite entertaining. You supply the beer, we'll supply the refrigerators. I've owned MG's.....Brits and electricity just don't mix and I like my beer cold.
  4. emag


    Coolest spring I can recall in my 17 springs here. And we had a winter full of thunderstorms. I haven't even had the urge to jump in the water yet, in years past I was hitting the Gulf in March. All in all, some strange weather indeed. Ever since they took them rocks off the moon.......
  5. Yup, Ospho's the stuff. As a bonus, iron phosphate is stronger than iron oxide. You can try experimenting by mixing it into latex paint also. Just don't get too rambunctious and flick the paint brush such that the Ospho gets splattered into your eye.......it REALLY hurts! BTDT
  6. Maybe it's heresy, but I swapped my pusher and sidecar wheels. Now that worn ex-pusher will have a long life on the sidecar and the now-pusher will get replaced with the spare when the time comes. Yeah, it was a bit of work but it was honest work and gave me the opportunity to replace some finely crafted Russian threaded fasteners with some that will work twice. Didn't take all that long for the shoes/drum to wear in. I neither recommend nor dis-recommend doing the same on your own ride; this is just how I like my coffee. Whatever you do, pay reeeeaaaall close attention to how the bearings are installed. This former billion-dollar equipment mechanic is almost embarrassed to admit he put the damn thing together wrong the first time.
  7. Say what you will, I have no interest in 75mph on my Tourist, it just doesn't feel right; cruises just fine at ~55. My top so far is 65+, it's out of breath when it gets there and it sure ain't fun. My Honda takes me to work on the highway at 80 every morning and feels comfy doing it, but it won't carry a load of groceries, put a grin on my wife's face, take me down a dirt road or spark up a conversation like the Ural. If I had to give one up it would be the Honda.
  8. Hoo boy, I've been away from the forum for a while and come back to the oil thread from hell. I use a deep sump- more oil, more surface area for heat transfer, works for me. Stratification.....nah, all that oil gets splashed around too much. I use synthetic....I like it and it's my money, and a lot less than I used to waste drinking and chasing skirts. Balance/cross over/supercharger tube....hmmmm, I think I'll be ordering one of those in the next few months, I do a lot of stop and go commuting. And this is absolutely, positively the LAST oil thread I intend to read!
  9. Just want to put in another plug for Hippo Hands. Granted, we don't go below low 20s on the coldest nights, but I can ride with half finger gloves using the Hippo Hands.....at least for an hour. Got a pair for the Ural and another for the Honda. Swedish army motorcycle jacket with a light sweater under, watch cap under the helmet, thick socks and all is well. Leather on the clutch/break handles would be nice, but our 'cold' season really doesn't last long enough. (Using A/C in the van today)
  10. emag


    As a born again heathen, I have no use for Wesboro or any other church, but I don't exercise my freedom of speech by standing outside of the tax-exempt dens of hypocrisy with a sign. Live and let live, just don't get up in my face with it, I tend to react rudely when that happens. I recently visited a place where the war is VERY unpopular and was heartened by bumper stickers that read "Support the warrior, not the war." Fits my own philosophy. Sad to see all these young people losing their lives because some folks just never learned to play well with others.
  11. I found a turbo diesel I think can deliver the power I want, but fitment is an issue. Got some friends lined up to assist, but it looks like either the hack has to go or we have to cut a hole in the side for clearance, I'd rather not. Rather than a long drawn out description, here's some photos of the setup. I'm hoping the foil's collected wisdom can point me in the right direction. http://people.bath.ac.uk/ccsshb/12cyl/
  12. Alan Greenspan kept the taps open too wide for too long. The subprime mortgage meltdown is merely a symptom of a much larger problem. The US dollar, the world's 'reserve currency', is on it's way to becoming the worlds fanciest toilet paper, thanks to the Fed and an irresponsible government. I'm thinking the next few years might be a good time to be long on gold, silver, oil and commodities. Once the petrodollar dies and Beijing decides to seriously get rid of dollars, things will get interesting. Regardless of who the next US president is, it will happen on their watch and they'll take the heat, how they will react is what concerns me. My .02, YMMV.
  13. I'm reminded of my younger days drinking fabled bad beer Narragansett (affectionately known as Narrarancid).....the only beer that tasted better warm than it did cold.
  14. That is absolutely correct but IMZ Ural does all of their downloadable files in Excel format which I currently cannot open. So, thats not a great deal of help to me. Tomcat - you can go to openoffice.org and download a GNU that will allow you to work with (not just read) files intended for micro$oft programs like Excel and Word. I use Office at work, but at home it's strictly OpenOffice.
  15. ....I once had an adult beverage fall off the passenger seat..... more seriously, the left turn signal bracket on my Tourist broke. It is now firmly mounted through the fender.
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