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  1. I appreciate all the comments. It made me proud upon it's completion and I had to share it with my fellow sidecar lovers. As far as the front forks are concerned, I made a personal choice to leave the original set on my bike. I looked into and almost purchased a nice set of telescopics, but in the end I decided against it. For off road, handling, and even braking with a sidecar, I feel the leading front forks to be far superior to standard telescopics. Again just my opinion. I understand the Earles/leading front forks weren't used on BMW's during that time period. But I also know that the "average Joe" on the street hasn't any idea what was used by the Wehrmacht during the war. I have researched the hell out of Wehrmacht Heer motorcycle units, and I still don't know the half of it. The "average Joe" usually just says "isn't that the bike from Indaina Jones?". So my concern for public awareness of my immitation BMW is at about nil. I actually do WW2 reenactments. I am a member of the 30th Division Wehrmacht. (www.30thdiv.weebly.com). Even amongst reenactors the knowledge of motorcycles is fairly limited. Most people who have a bike at the battles I attend use cj750's or Dnepr's converted to faux BMW's. The knowledge of these bikes is limited, I believe, simply because the Germans used any damn vehicle they could find, even scooters. The list of known bikes used by the Germans in WW2 is endless, and even includes Einfields, Harleys, and Emw's. Especially by late war when anything with wheels was "captured". The standard paint colors changed, the tactical symbols changed, and each division had it's own way of doing things, making any complete knowledge of this subject almost too ridiculous to comprehend. This topic could also go on for ten thousand years, and I tend to ramble. Lol That being said, I love what I did to my Ural. It won't be attending any reenactments, but for a daily driver it sure turns some heads. I appreciate the comments you given and excitement you guys have shown. It only adds to the pride I already had in myself and my Ural. I'll keep you guys updated on anything else I may do it.
  2. It's ok to question the total loss system, I understand your concerns, but let me say this...It will NOT be a total loss system once I can afford a new alternator.lol And instead of using "replica" we shall call it a BMW ersatz.
  3. Older gentleman on the end of my street stopped me today for a standard Ural conversation. You know, " what is that? where did you get it?" Anyway, he then told me about his latest "barn find". A 1964 Sears 250. It was made by Puch. Coolest thing on wheels. Below is a picture of one, not his. He is in the process of restoring the front fender. Behind the bike in the garage the guy had a 39' Plymouth and a 74 Chevy short bed street rod pick up. I instantly asked if he had children, and if he would adopt me, or promise a spot in the will.
  4. Penning

    Ural Retro2

    That is a nice bike. WOW.
  5. Penning

    My Ural Bmw project

    I decided to turn my 2001 Patrol into a WW2 era BMW replica.
  6. this was before i painted the rims
  7. As some of know I have been transforming my 2001 Patrol into a BMW ww2 era replica. Well I broke her down to the frame, and built her back with all new parts, painted her, added some final touches, and here she is. Took me two months and $500. Thanks to this forum and the wisdom of its posters, I managed to break her down without a hitch. I decided to keep the front forks for safety and ease of use. Just a personal preference. I rewired her with a total loss system, using the original fuse box. I hid LED turn signals throughout, so a new turn signal flasher was needed. The handle bars and controls are Chinese, all the fenders were raw steel I cut and painted. The plates were handmade, it was a real pain to make that rubber stamp. I did put a Zundap speedo in the headlamp. I liked the yellow, and some gentleman on Ebay was selling replicas for $25. I couldn't say no. lol Anyway, the lights were all found here and there, they too are LED, the headlamp is still the old fashioned bulb. This was my first ever project, I have never undertaken a project of this size. I built this entire bike with a dremmil tool and a grinder. lol I still have a few things to do to her, any criticism or comments welcome.
  8. i also decided to run a mirror from the original key/ignition hole. its close to the same place bmw use to put theres-see below
  9. i made the stamp with flaws, all the originals ive seen were, for lack of a better term, messy. below is an original plate from a truck, so you can see what i mean.
  10. i also just completed my plates, numbers are a little fat, and i had to hand make a stencil to make the red stamp
  11. *update I have installed the new handlebars, headlight, fenders, and all other lights. The primer is on coat number 2, and so far she's looking sweet. i actually have a zundapp speedo in the headlight. ive been running black braided wire covers for that "old school" look. once im finished with fab and paint, ill do the wiring before i put all the tins back on.
  12. I don't know if this helps, but soviet steeds had a thread on it. a guy said advanced autoparts sold a similar one, you have to do some minor modifying, they are $2.00, from a 2012 post. http://sovietsteeds.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=47325 http://shop.advanceautoparts.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/PartSearchCmd?storeId=10151&catalogId=10051&pageId=partTypeList&suggestion=&actionSrc=Form&langId=-1&searchTerm=14517+chrysler+clutch+pilot+tool&vehicleIdSearch=-1&searchedFrom=header
  13. danish bike with aa guns? an italian soldier-bike? mystery gun mount? skis on a? guzzi trike?
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