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  1. Live in Ohio,whats the mileage? 22000km on bike, 7000kn on new motor and trans, a few hundred km on new final drive/driveshaft assy.
  2. I've seen pix and heard good things about the tank shifter, love how it looks and would love to try it out. Searched the Forums but couldn't find any specifics about how to hook it up and where to buy the kit. How much is it? Who can I call to inquire about purchasing one? I stumbled upon a member who installed one with a kit that hooks up to the foot pedal shifter, but I thought the idea was to hook it up to some sort of gear under a plate in the right side? I had heard the shifting from that point is smoother than on the left side. Appreciate any info on this subject, sources of supply and prices.
  3. 2000 Cream and Black Deco Classic with a 2005 750cc Crate Motor and Trans ($3000 upgrade) installed 7000km ago by previous owner. Previous owner also installed a leading link front end. I recently installed a brand new final drive assy that came with a new driveshaft, u-joint, and donut. I also replaced the tranny seal along the way. So what you have is a 750cc Deco with only about 4500 miles on the engine/trans and a new final drive assy with less than 1000 miles on it. Previous owner also installed the Denso alternator and moved the electronic ignition device up front away from the heat. Bike also has the aftermarket tachometer mounted to the handlebars. I installed some in line fuel filters and a windshield, also has a new clutch cable. Just did an oil and filter change and adjusted the valves and brakes all around. At this point in time, no maintenance is due. Tires are in good shape, cosmetically very very good. A real head turner. Runs nice once warmed up, she is cold blooded! Kids love it, but I need money to pay some bills and my daughter now needs braces! It should be noted that the previous owner was a maintenance phenatic! He was a by the book maintainer and kept every note on what he did, he even rotated the tires at every 1000 mile service and repacked the wheel bearings! He also sent out the rims to have stainless spokes installed and trued up all of the wheels. Crawford and Wagners Ural remembered the PO when I mentioned his name, saying he was way over the top with maintenance - which is why I felt confident buying from him. I have only put about 1000 miles on this bike since getting it, so maintenance wise she is still in top shape. I have the solo seats installed now, bike comes with the stock dual seat that is in real nice shape, and also some Russian spare tires that are new. Will have to look in my shed to see if I have any other spare bits, PO gave me a few things. Also comes with some tools, spare cables, owners and maintenance manuals, tonneau cover, and a full size bike/sidecar cover! Asking $5500. email with questions or for pix to klruff1@comcast.net Couldnt get the pix to reduce in size so they would not post here.
  4. Previous owner installed a new out of the crate 2005 750cc engine/trans into my 2000 Deco. When I bought it from him, the new engine/trans had 7000km on it. She is starting to shift smoother as I increase the mileage, but in order to get the Deco moving, I have to let the clutch out all of the way - the clutch grabs at the very top of the throw on the clutch handle. I installed a new clutch cable and have it adjusted out to the max, anything less than max slack and the clutch will not engage. It was the same with the previous clutch cable. My question is, is there something wrong with my clutch? Is it possible it has worn out after only 7000km? It has never slipped on me, but there is no adjustment left to get the clutch to engage anywhere else but at the top of the throw on the handle. I also notice the trans does whine when in gear, is this normal or should I be removing the trans to inspect the clutch and internals in general?
  5. Strange thing happened to the Deco last weekend. I was heading out to a m/c show/contest on Saturday, got my 8 yo son situated in the sidecar while my neighbor was getting his Moto Guzzi out of the garage to join us. Fired up the Deco, she was running a little rough, then I noticed gas was POURING out of the left carb all over the garage floor. It seemed to be coming out of what I believe is the vent - the black tube on the top/side of the CV carb pointing up. I believe I also saw some gas dripping out of the cylinder! Immediately shut off the petcock and it stopped. Turned on the petcock again and she started pouring out again. Dropped the float bowl to see if the float was stuck - it seemed to move just fine. I sprayed it all out real good with some carb cleaner and cleaned the bowl also. There was a little bit of gunk in the bowl and a small piece of what looked to be a pebble, the size of a tip of a pencil, I'm guessing it was just hardened gook. Anyways, reassembled and it was fine thereafter. So I am guessing something got stuck in the float that would not allow it to shut off the flow of fuel and it kept fillingthe carb? I did change the oil and filter too to make sure I didn't have any gas in the oil - smelled OK but looked like it was a good thing to change it. Made it to the show, lots of people gathered around with the standard questions and praise, but she didn't win anything in the show - one of the club members took first place with his Harley that looked to be hand painted a highly metallic orange paint that was chipping off in several places , thats OK though, its always fun taking the Ural out for a ride with my kids and getting caught up in conversation wherever I go with this Deco. :unsure2:
  6. Made the last minute (literally!) decision to join in on the Toys for Tots Ride 2007 today. Left from my hometown on a 72 miles ride through the Pine Barrens of NJ. Baby sitter fell through so I took my 8 year old son with me (rather than my wife) on the ride. A total of 731 motorcycles join in the festivities, 971 total riders/passengers. Police escorted the riders the entire way, there were no stop signs or red lights that we had to obey, felt bad for the cars stuck watching and waiting for the 700 motorcycles to finally go by so they could continue on their way, that took several minutes. Many folks had turned off their cars and stood outside watching and waving as we went by, of course their were many people waving and pointing their fingers at my sidecar as we went by. Cool thing about the ride was that I got to meet a fellow owner 1 town away, never realized there was anothe owner so close by. His name is Ian, and he was riding his Dad's 2005 Gear Up complete with Gun and all. He got a special treat and was asked to be the leader of the ride and had Santa Claus riding in the sidecar the entire way. So the lead bike was a Ural, and the last bike was a Ural (me), everything in between was a mish mosh of Harleys, Honda's, etc.... Ian never heard about this board, so he will soon be a new member. He also had heard about the Jersey Devil Hunt but didn't know where to get info, now he does. Look for him on this board in the very near future. In the meantime, here is a pic of Ian and his Gear Up as well as my Deco and a few other nice looking cycles. Some pics of my bike are at the beach, where we headed after the ride. Nice 80 degree October day here in NJ!
  7. I remembered the PO of my Deco telling me that there was a problem with the carbs being too closely mounted to the heads on the 750 motors, so he added some home made spacers to dissipate the heat and seal off any possible air leaks. My question is, what were the symptoms/problems that resulted from excessive heat on the carbs? I thought I saw some stress cracks in the carb manifolds just before the boots that attach them to the heads. Was this a result of excessive heat or am I just seeing something that is not really there or a problem?
  8. Got the new clutch cable on and adjusted, clutch still wants to grab at the full end of the throw and I can not adjust it anywhere but there because then the clutch does not engage. Hope this is the norm and not my clutch needing replacement soon....only 7000km on this new tranny. As for carbs, I was burning the plugs whitish, maybe a hint of tan, so I played with the mixture a bit. They were originally set at 2 1/2 turns out on each side (from fully seated - fully screwed in), so I opened up the mixture screws an additional 1/2 turn. Bike did not like this at all, she began to spit, I had to run the bike with the chokes on to keep her from spitting, so I took her back home to check things out. Plugs were now black, dry soot. I readjusted the idle screws to make sure they were set exact on each side, screwed the mixture screws back in about 1/2 turn or slightly more on each side, and double checked that the throttle cables were in synch with each other. She rode much better, no more spits, but I am wondering if that was because she was now warmed up. Can 1/2- 3/4 of a turn on a mixture screw make that much difference? As for fuel flow, Mike at Wagners told me to make sure the fuel was flowing to each carb, perhaps the engine was starving for fuel which will hurt power at top speeds. I have inline filters and somewhat clear lines (they used to be clear), so I can see the fuel flowing to each carb. Strange thing is the right carb line will have fuel in it, but not all the way up to the splitter, just a little above the inline filter. The fuel does have to flow up hill a bit from the splitter to get to the right carb, there seems to be nothing I can do about that as the fuel line is right on top of the aircleaner just behind the alternator. I don't want to run it under the air filter cause then it will be resting on the engine case. I started the bike and watched the fuel disappear beyond the filter and into the line going to the carb and waited for fuel to flow back in, but nothing flowed. Bike still was running fine at that point though, so I decided to pull the line to make sure the petcock was working. As soon as I pulled the line from the inline filter, gas began to pour out, so I believe the petcock is just fine. Is it possible that fuel will not flow down each line until the float bowls get low enough to open the fuel inlet to the carb bowls, then fuel will flow out of the tank and fill the fuel lines? Or should I be looking for another problem?
  9. 2005 750cc engine and trans assy was put in by the previous owner around 7000km ago, but I think I may know why she isn't running as fast as before. I forgot I changed out the final drive, last one was pissing oil eveywhere, couldn't get it to stop so I just replaced the whole assy. The new FD ratio is higher than the last (I think) which means quicker burst, lower top end. The previous owner had put taller gears in the FD, which made it better on the highway, slower to take off. Totally forgot about that. The bike takes off nice, accelerates nice through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, but just dies off in 4th. I usually shift out of 3rd gear at 50mph, then 4th just kinda does nothing, a little more speed and lower rpm's, but it seems like in 4th gear she is out of steam.
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