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  1. Hi All, I have to admit, when I was first looking at Urals, I worried about being too slow. Much of my wife's and my family are 100 to 200 miles away. After I got the rig, I found I wasn't in as much of a hurry to get there. You get to notice things you've driven past 100 times in a cage. Plus now I go on more interesting roads, not just the straightest line. I got lost in downtown Cincinnati and had a great time looking at the buildings and people. I just drove until I hit a road I knew and didn't worry about it. These rigs are a gas wherever you take them, as long as you are willing to let them tell you what speed is fast enough. Luckily, I'm lazy. If you go fast on a Ural, you work harder than I want to work. Nick
  2. Hi All, Like most others, I'm saddened that a great conservationist and entertainer is dead through a freak accident after all the really dangerous things he had done. He really wasn't my cup of tea, but still he will be missed by millions. I had the opprotunity to visit his zoo in Beerwah last year and it was one of the nicest and cleanest zoos I had ever been to. The kangaroos even had a safe area to run to if they got fed up with rugrats. Many of the animals were incapable of living in the wild after being injured by vehicles or other animals. He was a good ambassador for his country. Nick
  3. Hi all, My hack cover has been too loose for the back grommets to stay on the posts, since day one. I found that a couple #203 o-rings holds it on real well. Too well actually. I had to loop a #018 through #203 to make a handle for removal. Nick
  4. Hi Dwight, If you have Microsoft Streets & Trips, you can go to Route Planner, Options, Segments, Preferred Roads, Preferred Road Types. Then set the Interstate slide to dislike and the secondary pointer to like and it will avoid Interstate roads like the plague. Hope that helps, Nick
  5. Sorry John, I shoulda' mentioned I put the extended pick-up on too. Like I said, cheap insurance. Nick
  6. Hi All Love these "no winner" threads. Always fun. Just wanted to say that the reason I bought a deep sump is for the extra capacity if something goes wrong or if I get a leak. Gives me a little more cushion. I felt it was cheap insurance. Of course, like Kermi, I ain't right. Nick
  7. Winchester, Ky about 20 miles east of Lexington. Horse country, or at least there are plenty of the rear halfs on the roads. Nick
  8. I'll bet I'm NOT the only former military geezer here who saw their first Ural when they went to the dealer to buy one. Kinda fell in love via the internet. Nick
  9. I'm with Baxter's Driver. My knees give out before my fanny. I think 16 years crawling in a coal mine didn't help em. The farthest I've gone in one go is 200 miles. I have a bench seat and between resting my feet on the engine guard, hack strut, rear foot pegs, and sliding back on the passenger portion of the seat, I did the 200 miles twice in three days pretty much pain free. I need the bench seat to make a long trip. Nick
  10. Hi URALoser, I got a custom built dual cylinder head temp gauge from westach.com. With chrome bezel, light kit, mount, pod, hood, 2 thermocouples, and shipping it cost about $200. I really feel more confident that I will notice a lean out problem before it is a bad problem now. It did show me that I dropped 25 to 30 degrees both times I enlarged the main jets by one step. The gauge is powered by the thermocouples, so the light is the only 12 volt needed. The only downside so far is that it took about 7 or 8 weeks to get it built and delivered. Hope this helps, Nick
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