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    1st car 1951 Henry J 1st bike 1968 Suzuki 250cc X-6 Hustler Bought a Ural because my wife's bad back couldn't abide the 79 Honda CBX's rough ride. Now she has fallen asleep in the hack twice, so it must be better. By the way I really enjoy the bike too.

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  1. I may be of no use to you but there are some fairly helpful folks here. If you post some pictures, someone here can usually identify them. Besides, we like pictures. Just be sure to size them below 1 Meg.
  2. Almost any photo program will let you resize a photo to below 1 Meg. Or you can take a photo with your phone and email it to yourself. Most phones let you resize on and email. If you can't get either of those to work, I'll send you my email and you can email to me. I can resize and post them.
  3. Just curious, I've never even seen a Wolf. How is the tire going to clear the driveshaft? I would certainly like to see pictures of the wheel offset when this is done. Best of luck.
  4. Gene is very knowledgeable on Urals and I wouldn't bet against him on other Russian bikes. I have no first hand knowledge of his skill with other makes but he is quite good mechanically and very friendly and helpful. I always enjoyed my trips to Gene's when I lived in Central Florida.
  5. Welcome It is a beautiful bike. You are so lucky to be living so close to Gene in Holopaw. He is a fantastic source of knowledge and parts for your machine as well as a great guy.
  6. You need to put the year of your bike in the ad or in your signature. Older Urals had loop and strap fasteners and newer ones have twist fasteners. Also if you don't have the mount brackets, you'll need them. Although they would be easy to make out of angle iron.
  7. Scott, When I had my first Ural, a Tourist, and my wife was still alive, I had her out with me in ruts so deep that I got stuck on a steep downhill. I mentioned to her that Ural also made 2 WD bikes. She said, "Why on earth would you want to go on worse roads than this?" That said, there were times when I lived in Central Florida that I might have had more confidence on sandy forest roads or the beach. There is also a chance that not having the 2 WD option kept me from doing stupid things. 😌
  8. Davekp, If you are in Central and need information from a reliable dealer, call Gene or Kenny at Holopaw Ural. Either there was a misunderstanding or your dealer doesn't know diddly about Urals. I've only owned 1 WD Urals and still my first dealer explained the 2 WD system quirks to me.
  9. Hi Rob, Welcome to the forum. Can you pull the injector out of the body and check to see if it has a nice spray pattern? Could be a plugged injector. Also check the spark and compression on that side.
  10. Having her back home is a great way to start the year. I am so glad. If she already can use all her limbs and can speak normally, I am sure she will have a pretty complete recovery. Thank you for letting us know.
  11. Urals and Neppers are not good bikes to own if you sweat small problems. As long as the problem isn't intrusive or safety related, I just ride. I love the way they feel, sound and look on a ride.
  12. Hi Duck. Been watching this thread for awhile. Glad you are making real progress. I always got away with just using a light coat of grease on cork gaskets. If I use synthetic oil my castings seep. Some castings seep with any oil. You can use baby powder to track down a leak if it is hard to pinpoint. I imagine you already know cork gaskets don't like fastener over tightening. Other than that look for cracks or light gouges on the flanges. Good luck with your bike. It is really looking pretty. Nick
  13. I am so glad you got it treated early. Here's hoping she gets to return home soon
  14. So glad she's home. I hope you get a hale and healthy Becky for Christmas.
  15. Here's hoping her progress speeds up soon. Thank you for the update.
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