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  1. An ex girlfriend of mine said the man having a garage or a garden shed is the secret to a good marriage. Maybe that's why we split up, as we didn't. My grandad had an enormous old WWII Nissen hut (and a greenhouse) as his escape. It was dark (the Nissen hut, not the greenhouse), hot in summer, cold in winter, and smelled of oil. I loved that place. He used it to store his bikes, including a Harley outfit. Unfortunately no pictures. And when they moved house, he always had the pub to go to. It was 3 miles away so my grandma had a lot of time on her own, as he went every day. They stayed together to the end, so there may be something to this.
  2. "And he said to them, 'I tell you solemnly, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God come with power'." (Mark 9.1). As Mark was probably written about 100 AD and allowing for people to live to 100, that meant the end of the world would be before 200 AD. The Book of Revelation states that the resurrection would happen after a thousand years (Rev. 20.1-10). This must have caused a lot of distress in the 10th century. So much for biblical prophecy! I think the teachings of Christ are awe inspiring as they are without this church politics and fear mongering. Just my opinion and no offence intended for those who believe the bible is the whole truth.
  3. More important than Tony BLiar stepping down is the floods in the North of England. My home town was one of those hit but thankfully all my family are OK. Others are not so lucky and will have no home for many months. But the BBC news works the same here. We had the story of poor (sarcasm) Paris getting out, but nothing about the Chris Benoit tragedy. Not that I'm interested but there are WWF fans here in the UK. But a girl from Tibet worshipped as a goddess has been 'sacked' after visiting the US.
  4. Glad you and your daughter are fine and I hope everything works out fine for you. Nice looking paint job too.
  5. I seem to remember it being olive oil and lemon juice, which, considering my memory would be quiet surprising. So if anyone has any recipes to cure a ..., what's the question again?
  6. Hello Osama, it's firefly calling. <muffled response> Yes, I'm fine, how's the cave, is it still damp. <muffled response> Yes, it's about the training manual, chapter 17. <muffled response> Yes, sending surprise parcels to infidels through the post. I'd like to add 2 points. <muffled response> First, make sure you cover the cost of postage. <muffled response> OK, the second one is, do not put a return to sender address on the parcel. Oh, and can we have a replacement for operative tinkerbelle!
  7. Apparently you need a lot of money to sleep in the Paris Hilton.
  8. I think I'm at this stage as well (at 47), as I need to take my glasses off and hold whatever at arms length when I want to read. I've found that if I wear glasses all the time (my tinted ones I used as sun glasses), my eyesight gets worse. So now, if I'm not in the car or on the bike, I take them off as my vision is not that bad. I also take 5 minutes each hour when I'm working to just look at the horizon as it apparently helps relax both body and eyes. Unfortunately, the guy who works under the window has developed a nervous twitch, but eh, not my problem. I'm with you on the lasers!
  9. Sorry I'm late (yet again) but I hope you had a good one and many more to follow.
  10. Remember, though Russian sheetmetal responds extremely well to a hammer, jerks that back into your motor cycle do not! Inadvertently running over their feet may be fun though. Only joking, don't try this at home.
  11. Dragstrip King riding with the Hell's Beerguts MC! Terrible name, I like the sound of the club though! Using my on-line name (not telling ya!) I'm Dirtbeard of the Crazy Dawgs MC I'll stick with Alexei, I think. :thumbsup!:
  12. And what about us immortals? :thumbsup!:
  13. veni, vedi, veggie ... i came, i saw, i ate a carrot veni, vedi, squeegie ... i came, i saw, i washed windows carpe denim ... seize the jeans carpe dentum ... seize the dentures cogito, ergo zoom ... i think, therefore i speed cogito, ergo flume ... i think, therefore i ride water rides cogito, ergo bloom ... i think, therefore i blossom cogito, ergo broom ... i think, therefore i tidy my home cogito, ergo boom ... i think, therefore i blow stuff up cogito, ergo tomb ... i think, therefore i'm dead? cogito, ergo croon ... i think, therefore i sing sappy songs? Vini Vedi Velcro ... I came, I saw, I stuck around Vini Vidi Visa ... I came, I saw, I did a little shopping. cogito cogito ergo cogito sum cogito ... I think I think, therefore I think I am (I think!)
  14. It is not a camp site, it is just a field. But the people who run this bring in their own beer stall, showers, toilets, cooking facilities, etc. It is really well run, and a lot of fun too. Moving to Germany is a big step as I need to learn a different language. I also have to find a job in 3 months or prove I have an income, otherwise I may be asked to leave. There may be a way around this, I'm sure I can take a 6 months holiday to learn the language but this will strain what meagre finances I have. I am giving up a relatively secure job and starting from scratch, not a thing to do lightly at 45 years of age. If the worse happens, I will become a bar man again. But hopefully I will be able to find work in the IT industry. Or better yet, find a good job NOT in the IT industry. As long as it pays well enough for me to buy the Zundapp.
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