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  1. Okay, pulled the starter, and the flywheel still stops cold when it gets to a certain point in its rotation (either forward or backwards). I can see something in the neighborhood of half of the flywheel before it stops—all the screws in the visible portion of the flywheel are recessed in slightly so they're not catching. What are the odds that one of the screws that I can't see (because the flywheel won't rotate that far) has backed out enough to bind? And if that's the case, how do I turn the fly wheel enough so I can see that sucker? Any help is—as always—appreciated... VTH
  2. Howdy, foilheads: Got a problem on my hands... After work today, when I attempted to start my '01 Deco (650), she turned over just fine... second kick, tried to catch, but sputtered out. Some more kicks, still not running. So, I went for the Wimp Button, and she cranked for about a second, then stopped cold. Starter button from that point on made a noise like the starter was trying, but no dice. Kick starter is also frozen solid. Tried rocking the bike in gear to free it up; the wheel is frozen, too. Eventually got it (with enough oomph and swearing) to turn over (rocking the bike), but it would only go a tiny bit, then lock up again. Clutch appears to function normally. Reverse lever is all the way forward. What's it sound like to you guys? Flywheel something or other? VTH
  3. So, it turns out that my turn signal indicator bulb (in the dash) had bought the farm. I got one of the 74-x Wedge Base LED bulbs (about halfway down the page) to see if I could go with an unnecessarily high-tech solution to a low-tech problem, and lo and behold, it works. Halfway. The right turn signal fires the LED indicator just fine. Looks lovely. The left signal? Not so much. It blinks, but there's no indicator light. No nothin'. All wires appear to be connected nicely, but I'll bet something isn't. Where should I start chasing this half-gremlin down?
  4. Did you use this shell? Or something else?
  5. Sounds like you look like a 767 on approach when you're rolling down the road at night! How hard was it to install the HID headlight?
  6. On my '01 Deco, I replaced the sidecar running light (front) with one of these in white... Just looking for a little extra visibility from the front. I may try one of these eventually, but they're pricey. Anyway, no issues with circuitry. The only downside (aside from having high-tech-looking lighting on a retro-looking rig) is that the light color doesn't match that of the headlight. It's stark white vs. the headlight's yellow tinge.
  7. Looking forward to hearing how things go, Sam. Good luck! Leakily yours, VTH
  8. You know, I've got that seepy leak on my '01 Deco, too. Is it just the Russian forks? Have you been able to make yours oil-tight at some point in the past?
  9. Huh. Looks like we're rapidly leaving my wrenching comfort zone. But a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do. Tough to tell—like, really, really tough to tell—where the oil's coming from. It looks, truth be told, like maybe there's a coupla different kinds. Amber/gearbox oil, and something blacker and greasier and more evil looking. What I need now is a day to puzzle this thing apart and back together. Ural ownership does not always favor the gainfully employed. Further diagnostic information: the puck has a bit of eccentricity in its rotation when I spin the rear wheel. Is this normal?
  10. So, here's the latest place fluid is sneaking its way out of my 650 motor and onto my pant legs: It appears that there's some fling happening around the clutch (right in the middle of the picture), and I think this fling is new. The good news is that there's no slip, and my 2001 Deco is running strong (knock, knock). Just messy. Any ideas what's going on here and what I can do about it? VTH P.S. I included my finger in the upper-left corner for, uh, scale. Yeah, for scale.
  11. Good call, Bill... it was indeed the oil pump cover. Some tightening, and good as new. Just oilier. One question: is there a way to get it off of there without removing the alternator? I wasn't able to get any teflon tape on the threads, but it may not be necessary in this case... the leak was because that cover was loose.
  12. Thanks, Bill... I'll try that oil pump drive cover to see if it wants tightening... that's right in the neighborhood. It also sounds like the easiest fix, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for that!
  13. I noticed a leak today... the oil seems to be originating high on the engine, beneath the aftmost part of the alternator. More of the oil is running down the left side of the engine than the right... although there's not, like, a whole lot. I noticed the leak initially because of the 3" oil smudge on the garage floor. Here are the particulars: 650cc 2001 Deco Classic Russian grenade alternator 1,500 km Generally speaking, she runs pretty well--the alt seems to charge alright (although I have no empirical evidence, aside from the fact that the Battery Tender doesn't have to work very hard to top off the battery), and the Peterbilt transmission whine that the alt gears make has been consistent. So, where on earth (or engine, whichever) is the oil leak coming from?
  14. Wow—I do truly hope that answers the question. One of my favorite things about the Ural/Dneper fan base is the genuinely friendly, open discussions that happen on these forums. I'd sure hate to see this environment become contentious and snotty. There's plenty of that elsewhere, thank you just the same. Jeesh. VTH
  15. Cool--thanks, Catfish. Looks like I've got a weekend project coming. Listen for the cussing in five, four, three, two...
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