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    Donald Trump

    We are living in interesting times. Donald Trump as potential President, the UK possibly leaving the EU and here in Australia our politicians are constantly squabbling amongst themselves and throwing out their leaders. We are now on our sixth prime minister since I moved here 10 years ago. Five of them were within a space of five years.
  2. avalon

    Donald Trump

    I've noticed that. I think there are a few people who avoid spending too much time over there just for that reason.
  3. avalon

    Donald Trump

    I've noticed the lack of conversation about Donald Trump on this forum. Being a mainly US membership, is this a taboo subject around here as the rest of the world are finding the run up to the US elections more interesting than it's ever been.
  4. avalon


    Even allowing for the current exchange rate, Urals prices in the US are still a lot lower than they are here in Australia, Possibly because of the smaller numbers imported here.
  5. avalon


    $12,000 for a new Ural! Is that in the US? Down here they go for around $20,000. A price I'm not prepared to pay.
  6. It's not too difficult to do. Have a look at this. http://myural.com/servicing_shock_absorbers.htm
  7. I'm back. It took me over three years, due to the cost of parts and shipping, to get her running again after the alternator gear dropped into the timing gears.
  8. Without saying who you are or how to contact you (since you haven't visited this forum since the 9th December), It's a bit difficult to volunteer our services.
  9. $1700 for parts and shipping plus $300 in fees and tax when it arrived in Australia.
  10. Any ideas about how they did that with the air intake under the water?
  11. I had the shaft break and drop the gear into the timing gears. I now need to replace the timing gears as well as the alternator.
  12. I use it on just about anything with a thread. I also use it on electrical connections.
  13. My own experience with a late 80s Dnepr was not a good one. I had problems with pistons and gugeon pins breaking, and had several cylinders develop cracks. This may have been partly due to the speeds that I rode it at but I also think there were some quality issues.
  14. I think most people here are members on two or more forums so I don't see a problem with having one big international list.
  15. It's a great idea, although you would have to be a long way from home for me to be able to lend a hand.
  16. Welcome to the forum PLANofMAN. Hopefully we will see you again.
  17. For sale if anyone wants them although if you can't pick them up it would probably cost more to ship them than they are worth.
  18. Look the same as the original ones on my 2003 ural.
  19. avalon


    It's a shame Special Ed, that religion is blamed for all the wrong in the world when the fact is that genuinely religious people from most, if not all, faiths are good peace loving people. Here in Australia the public schools don't teach the meaning of Christmas or Easter but they're all happy to promote the myth of Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny and everyone is happy to take time off work for the religious festivals while at the same time knocking people for their religious beliefs. And back on topic. It's been around two and a half years since your first post here Martyn and we are still waiting for the photos.
  20. My Ural is a 2003 model but appears to have more in common with the pre 2002 models than the post 2002 models, so that's me confused.
  21. I thought I would take a look at South Australia's only Ural dealer yesterday (Saturday) afternoon thinking it would be great to have a local dealer that I can buy parts from, but when i got there they were shut. As Saturday afternoon is one of the few times in the week that I get to do such things I won't be able to hand over my hard earned cash to this local dealer and will continue to buy all my spares by mail order.
  22. No! Look how many problems have been fixed by separating the old from the new. It's just a quiet period. Yes! Might be quiet because some people have stopped posting? It's messy I agree, It has become a bit messy and might put people off using it.
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