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  1. If you got 50k miles under your belt, then I'd probably say you dont need one. If it was me, I'd spend my money on the harley regulator. I put one of those on, maybe two years back ?, and it does indeed give me a higher rate of charge (certainly at lower revs) and hasn't taken out a generator. I put the 12v version on. The part number is either an Accel, part number 201104, or a Custom Chrome, part number 25369. that's 50,000 kilometers, but yeah. Still, (1) I do work on bikes besides my own and (2) I'm kind of a tool junkie. The regulator I don't know about, I'm on 6v and I've cooked a couple of secondhand boxes. It's difficult to say whether they were just at the end of their lifespan, how abused they were before I got them or whatever... my only REAL problem on the 6v system has been worn out genny cores because it's not something that can be replaced on the road. If I change to a 12v system my only real advantage would lie in using an easily replaceable alternator/regulator. Bear in mind that I'm out in the Balkans -often well out of anything like a real town- and when something breaks there usually isn't an auto parts store around the corner. :unsure2:
  2. Aha. And about the same price as that Harley 6v regulator that SB was telling me to invest in, so I reckon if I find a really good price on one I'll try it but in the other case I'll stick with the duct tape and baling wire methods that have carried me through the last 50,000k.
  3. Hey Ken, are you seriously looking for help on the farm? I know I'm a long way off but I've been considering coming back, and I have a peculiar set of skills that may be well matched to what you need.

  4. Excellent man. I'm pretty sure I can track down a Russian version locally.
  5. thanks for the responses guys. I consistently get higher temps on the inside cylinder and was just looking for something a bit more accurate than looking at the plugs when I'm trying to fine tune the mix.
  6. At a rally this weekend a British mechanic was telling me about something he called a "colorplug"- it's a firing diagnostic tool that screws into the spark plug hole and has a glass window in it allowing you to diagnose firing issues based on spark color. In fact I think I've seen these before but my google/ebay search isn't showing anything and I have no idea for a brand or model name. Unfortunately he's not somebody I can contact easily (no internet and in another part of the country, somehow I didn't get his mobile #). Does anybody know more about these gadgets?
  7. for whatever it's worth, if I was back in the States I'd jump at the chance to work with you. Hope things start coming together better for you soon
  8. SO.... I went to the BG Post office today with a translator to try and figure out what's going on. They handed me a copy of a stamped, official memo stating that the US Department of Homeland Security has issued an embargo on all airmail originating from Bulgaria effective from December 2010 to an undetermined date: all parcels and envelopes are now sent via "marine traffic". They wouldn't let me have a copy of the memo or make any notes from it and I can't find any reference to it online, but the woman I deal with from the PO says to expect at least 2 months for any mail delivery to the USA for the foreseeable future.
  9. I'm having some problems with shipping these days- BG Post seems to have dropped the ball on more than a few occasions in the past year and stuff isn't arriving. Also I just sold the last set of colors from my most recent run a few weeks ago, so- until I can afford to get a new batch embroidered and sort out a reliable mailing option, they're discontinued. I'm hoping it's a temporary thing. Charlie
  10. What Clint said, but I may add from experience - check your tire pressure, check that clutch and brakes aren't dragging, and how much weight do you have in the sidecar? with a good engine and minimal (physical) load you should be getting 80-90 kph on a flat with no problem. Can you have a vacuum leak in a M72? Or even a vacuum ??
  11. I just took a set of cylinders in to get bored, the machinist there seemed to concur with the BCOZZ guys on .08mm. Here's a useful bit: (enlarged substantially from the illegible diagrams usually found online)
  12. 0.0016" (0.04mm) piston/bore clearance, bore diameter x 0.004" (0.10 mm) for the ring gap. Remember to measure bore within the piston travel, I actually had to buy an old school caliper to get it because the arms on my digital CPOC of course won't measure anything except the outside edge which isn't worn at all (a large drawing compass with modified wire pins in the tips could work in retrospect), then used the digital caliper to take the measurement from that. To my knowledge there are only two thicknesses of the old style Russian piston rings, 2.5mm for 650 OHV and 3mm for 750 SV: if the grooves are over / under 3mm it will tell you which to get. Every time I see your sig line I feel totally inadequate BTW.
  13. just a fun YouTube clip- Cop on a K750 (?) chasing a GAZ 21. From Берегись автомобиля (1966)
  14. nice, I appreciate the new options to share content across other sites like FB.
  15. The M72 throttle was designed to stay in place when released. You can certainly defeat the design with various modifications but I personally find it quite useful as both cruise control and in balancing the carbs.
  16. I hear ya there: every MT-11 here has a BMW sticker on it and is guaranteed to be an original R-71 left behind by the Germans at the end of the war Nonetheless, there are some real ones that turn up every once in awhile: last time I was in Bucharest Pera took me to a friends workshop hidden away in the cellars of an old Soviet block, you guys wouldn't believe the stuff he had down there; Zundapps, BMW's, just an incredible warren of antique machines and parts. They'd been robbed before and wouldn't let me take any photos but I almost pissed myself out of pure envy...
  17. Nice. Some guy wandered into my garage not long ago bumming cigarettes and telling stories about the skeleton of a nazi officer and some cases of rusted out MP-44's he found in some catacombs nearby. Of course he also had a friend with an original R-71 for sale for about $300 but after dragging me along for two months that never materialized either, so who knows. There's tons of stuff out there waiting to be discovered I'm sure, but I guess there are also plenty of unstable people with a bottle of vodka and too many hours watching History Channel ;)
  18. 1: clean your plugs if they're sooty. 2: push the button on each carb until you get a drip of gas. 3: hit the kickstarter 3 times. 4: insert the key 5: set the throttle to 1/4 and the manual advance (if you have one) to 1/2 6: kick it. My "Ural" is almost 60 years old and unless there are underlying problems this will start the bike in subzero weather on the first kick. That said, underlying problems DO occur...
  19. Because links get broken, stuff gets lost and people occasionally fade in and out I'm trying to put together a comprehensive library of free Ural / Dnepr manuals and technical files at http://www.goodkarmaproductions.com/html/tech.html If any of you guys can add something or want something of yours removed please let me know. I've taken the liberty of including Ernie's excellent electrical series as well as Carl's wiring schematics.
  20. Ah Dubs, sorry to see you regained your sanity but I'm hoping you don't give us the opportunity to miss you too much. :unsure2:
  21. Весели празници от България за нашите Американски Другари !!
  22. I have Showa MC4-003 forks -off what I believe was an early 80's Honda MTX 125 or XL 500R- on an original Ural tree with the tapered upper. Pics on facebook at 1961 Ural Bobber Build. I'm using a 21" front wheel but I have ridden a previous incarnation of the beast and even with crappy steering bearings it was manageable. Whether they'd take a bologna slicer, I don't know.
  23. yeah, it's an easy job but there are a couple of different models. My Г414 has 32x12x10 in front, 30x10x9 in back
  24. I'm going with the original 6v generator on the M61 with a Bosch 12v regulator and a 12v coil: am I correct in assuming I can still use the old style distributor, and if so should I gap the points differently ?
  25. thanks for the ideas guys; finally got them out with a bit of cutting, a modified chisel and a bigger hammer. Now I just need to find some tapered bearing to fit this mystery triple tree. Ongoing project is on my facebook page if you do that stuff, if not you can see it here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2563...mp;l=1001c7d153
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