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  1. Judging by the responses I get from all the twenty-something "kids" when they see my "retro style bike", I'd say there's a bit of hope here still. But younger generations want the gofast (as did I at that age) and Urals don't quite fit that niche. Our generation is a bit more content to cruise down the highway at 80kph and enjoy the scenery: they will be too in another 15 - 20 years. By then I hope to be selling them restored three wheelers as well ;)
  2. I thought they were cancelling the solo production? Sweet retro look though, and the "accessories" aren't bad either... can I get a bigger pic to hang in the garage? ;)
  3. He was just teasing me....we called him, he dosen't have anything for sale. Offered me 500 lev for my M72 *chortle*... Seems he's looking for an old BMW under 500 leva. Along with the rest of the world. B)
  4. I'm very aware of this :D anyway, turns out he wants to buy bikes, not sell them. Just stuck the photo on there for fun I guess :huh:
  5. This is advertised here as a 1970 BMW F series....price is right (500 leva, about $330) and I'm calling on it today but I'm thinking M72 / K750 solo? Or an older BMW? Can't be running at that price but if it's close enough looks like some beeeeutiful parts... :surprise:
  6. That's a great looking bike, congratulations! The frame is a true inspiration.
  7. As an "international member" myself, I don't mind an occasional browse through political / religious rants. It gives me some insight towards various views and opinions that are held back in the US as well as other countries. But they have a place, and that place is whatever / rant & rave. It isn't in the other threads, and they certainly shouldn't be used to hijack other threads. Which is exactly what Glenn has said. If you look at the stats here, the preponderance of posts are still in Russian Motorcycle World and Nuts & Bolts. I hardly think RIMC is becoming a "political forum" but obviously it needs to be addressed. Just my 2 стотинки.
  8. I eat at McDonalds about 2-3 times a month, and don't see anything wrong with them outside of some environmental concerns. (Hey, it's the only "hamburger" in town) :blush: I'd suggest the problem isn't with McDonald's food per se, it's with the people who base their entire diet on stuff like that because they're too lazy / poor / ignorant to eat anything except "fast food". But just my 2 stotinki...
  9. It's painfully obvious that I'm not riding enough. Got to get that blasted license.... I was thinking more of centrifical force being an effect, but now that I look back on it I guess the one time I actually did fly it had to be a right hand turn, not left.
  10. Pardon my ignorance here, but the term "right hander" seems confusing? My hack is on the right side and generally it picks up on left hand turns... am I missing something? :huh:
  11. Nice one Ken...I'll keep that little alteration in mind :lol:
  12. Exactly the same here. But I'm waiting to see what you do at this point ;) An edit, and Vodka induced. But I have tested the headlight in a dark garage and guessing back to my Sportster days it isn't bad. I haven't tried it on the road yet. My real concern is finding a 6v alarm system, because frankly I often venture into places where it's necessary. Also, I've realized that bifocal's ain't going to cut it. Ordered new riding glasses last week...
  13. I'd go with the bad battery idea as well, never had a problem (yet) on my rig and have gone weeks without kicking her over. That said, a 12 volt system is a lot more convenient when you start adding after market stuff like turn signals, alarm systems, Margarita machines, you know...stuff like that. Everyone I know here has recommended that I switch but right now I'm not worrying. Also I've been told that there isn't really a way here to make the conversion without it obviously altering the look of the engine. But you guys probably have knowledge and parts that aren't readily accessable out here in the boondocks...
  14. oh man...if you've had things shipped from Canada they're probably tapping your phone lines by now ;)
  15. Maybe the Department of Homeland Security got curious about a package of mechanical parts from Russia? Don't know what's happening there now but someone shipped me some computer parts from Houston last year, took over a month to arrive and when it did it was with a yellow tag that stated "This item has been repackaged by the United States Army" or something very similiar. Hasn't happened again though, but I'm guessing that they do random scans at the mail processing centers.
  16. I bought a set of cables from them on Ebay February 14th, arrived today. Pretty much what I expected shipping to be. Had no problems with the auction & the cables are fine, I'd buy from them again without hestation.
  17. yeah, seems he's taken it down. Fortunately I have already downloaded it but while it is pretty helpful the translation still needs some work and pages aren't numbered, some are out of order. Kudos to him for doing it though and I ain't going to look a gift horse in the mouth :) Anyhow, just got back from the garage. Did the 1/8th turn in as suggested and seems that was enough, too bloody cold & wet to run her much but maybe 1 1/2 mile in 3rd and no problems so far. I also used Cafish's tip on spraying water into the air intakes to clean the carbon deposits out of the cylinders, made a very noticeable difference but still a lot of racket in 4th so I suspect a valve job is coming up. I also have to say that even as cold as it is today she started up on the first kick...I feel like she was waiting on me all week. Not bad for a 53 year old. Seats are going into the sidecar this week, will be checking the valves next Sunday and then replacing the exhaust & getting the tank, bars and levers ready for new paint & plating. Starting to feel like I'm making some progress !
  18. Thanks Nate, I did a search but wasn't able to find the thread you mentioned: could you give me a link? My "owner's booklet" is a bad Xerox copy of a bad Xerox copy, in cryllic Russian (I can read cryllic but my Russian is rustier than the bike). I did download the translation that Curt posted but it printed out of order for some reason and so far I haven't been able to find a reference to this in either one.
  19. Thanks much guys for the info on the shifter stops. I do have those and will try it, once again you've proved to be an invaluable resource ;) Dubliner, I don't think this has two neutrals...at least I haven't seen any reference to it in the manual. So far I have just been upshifting again to go back into 3rd though so it kind of makes sense... Working on her again in a couple of days, but we're back in the deep-freeze again so I don't know if I'll actually be able to get on the road to test it.
  20. Finally got a chance to get the M72 out of the garage & work through the gears last weekend. I did 8 runs on about a 3/4 mile stretch of street. 1st & 2nd work fine, as does 4th, but 3rd has a random tendency to slip out into neutral: happened twice. Anybody have any suggestions for this that don't require tearing the gearbox apart? Would be highly appreciated.
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