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  1. Pics up on the blog at Flesh & Relics- lots of Japs this year (I have to admit to riding one myself, electrical issues on the M72) but lots of nice old Eastern Blok machines as well.
  2. HRMPF... Lucky me :| Sent you an E-Mail, let me know when you're ready ;) Rich.- Ural 750 Ranger I should have them next week, I'll let you know as soon as they're done. Sorry about that but this isn't mass produced stuff & I have to kick out the cash up front. Will have new stock in Monday (07/23/2012)
  3. HRMPF... Lucky me :| Sent you an E-Mail, let me know when you're ready ;) Rich.- Ural 750 Ranger I should have them next week, I'll let you know as soon as they're done. Sorry about that but this isn't mass produced stuff & I have to kick out the cash up front.
  4. harvinc@medivision.com is my PayPal account, NOT a website. You need to contact me here or by email at charvin23@gmail.com before you pay for anything though, just about finished with my current stock and have to find another source for the next run.
  5. Hail, Charlie! Are you actually in Varna, Bulgaria? Could these items be shipped to an address in Canada, then redirected to U.S.? Yes, it would add to cost... Bill They seem to be going through now but it's hit or miss- some folks are getting them in a week or so, others are waiting a month. At this point I think it's just issues with the postal service, been a lot of layoffs on both ends.
  6. thanks guys, but what I actually need to know is which of the 5 terminals on the back of the alternator is which... I need an actual labeled diagram or something. I can find somebody local who knows but it will take a few days and some running around, just thought somebody here might have a quick answer. Ernie, the 414 is just a chopped body w/ the shaft and gear to drive the alternator, it's not wired up. I'll post some pics when I can- basically modding the M61 to 12v.
  7. I have one of these connected to a sawed off 414 gauge front end... but the terminals aren't labeled and I'm not sure how to wire it in to the regulator. Anybody have a diagram by chance?
  8. officially my '53 M72 is a '86 Dnepr- that was the only sidecar machine registered in the BG computer system when I got the registration. Realistically, I could have had a brand new Harley with a hack on it and the papers would still have called it a '86 Dnepr. So don't rely on that stuff if it's coming from the Eastern Bloc. "Why do it right when you can do it easy ?" is the standard here... ;)
  9. I would like to get my order expedited. Sent in order 3rd week Januarynow going on 7 weeks. Can my order be transferred to new supplier. A extra expense would be well worth it. Time to dump the Bulgarians and find a supplier that does not have to deal with homeland security. I purchase many items from GB and Germany and delivery is always less than 3weeks, usually 2. Days boat sailor art On Feb 21, 2012, at 12:03 PM, Charlie Harvin <gwinn23@yahoo.com> wrote: > > Most of east Europe has been locked down for the past month with record > weather, I expect they're going to be late. They went out on the 27th: I > have receipts but there's no tracking with BG Post- give the carrier pigeons > a little more time. Sorry for the delay but everything I've sent has always > shown up eventually... > Charlie On March 08, 2012, at 7:53 PM, Arthur Richardson <XXXXXXXXX> wrote: Just received patches. Thanks Buy a Harley if you want immediate satisfaction; I'm pretty sure Walmart sells their patches in bulk, straight from the Chinese distributors. Hell, you don't even need to own a motorcycle...
  10. Unfortunately I have too many of my own projects in the forge right now to be of much help, but feel free to link to anything off my site that you find useful. Good luck
  11. The third and final part of the series is uploaded now.
  12. Part II is online now at GKP. There were some issues with the codecs if anybody tried to watch it yesterday, they've been fixed now.
  13. Part 1 of 3 is now online at Good Karma Productions
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lc42SHwcpe4 - if that code doesn't work the video is here. Back in 2008 Alecu and I did a 3,000+ kilometer tour of the Balkans, which some of you may remember from my posts here while we were on the road. I've finally got most of the video edited and will start posting it in 10 - 15 minute segments on the blog soon.
  15. I simply do 5-6 tight wraps of bare copper wire around a normal 6v bulb to provide the -contact and twist the ends into a tail which fits into the terminal. As Bill mentioned, a touch of solder would probably help but I haven't bothered, works fine on my system.
  16. I'm using a modified cable from a Lada (car) or something myself- my experience with almost all the "Dnepr" or "Ural" cables found online over the last couple of years has been uniformly bad. No particular reflection on the dealers but these days crap quality seems to the the standard for pretty much everything...
  17. actually all the M engines I've seen over here have the month / year stamped in the case just above the outside cylinder.
  18. I was doing ink about 20 years ago, recently had my machines shipped overseas and I'm looking to get started again. Needless to say, things have changed a lot in the last two decades: when I was working we hand built our own needle bars and had to sterilize our tubes between each customer. Also about the only reliable supplier for inks and such was Spaulding & Rogers, which severely limited our choices. I'm really pleased to see the revolution in the business, with inexpensive & sterile disposables replacing much of the old kit: but I'm also at a loss when browsing through the myriad suppliers available these days, especially when it comes to ink. Tons of brands I know nothing about, and since good stuff ain't cheap I need some suggestions on what works and what don't. If anybody here is currently working (or knows somebody who is) and can help point me in the right direction as far as quality inks and disposables, please hit me up with a PM. Thanks, Charlie
  19. Pics up on my facebook page here. (no FB account required). 33 Russian bikes showed up this year, about 70 people- great local and a great party
  20. Due to recent demand for patches I have sourced a new supplier for a small run and have just received a limited number. Because I could only do 12 sets right now the price is slightly higher: the full set of back patches is $30.00 USD including shipping. Small 4" round patches are the same price as before, $6.00 USD. In addition I have had the top rockers done in both English (Russian Iron) and Russian (РОССИЙСКОЕ ЖЕЛЕЗО). Members ordering now MAY SPECIFY whether they want English or Russian rockers, and additional rockers may be ordered seperately for $10.00 USD. The supply is limited at the moment so it's first come first served until I'm able to get a larger run completed. US MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE: I have experienced problems in shipping to America over the past year due to blockages of airmail from Bulgaria by the Dept. of Homeland Security. I don't know if this is still in effect or not. Normally shipping takes about 2 weeks but in some cases it has been delayed by as much as 4-6 weeks due to delivery by freighter. I apologize for any hassles this has caused: I know that I had to refund some of your PayPal payments but I didn't want to take anybody's money until I was sure I could deliver. Prices include shipping. Payments may be made via Paypal to harvinc@medivision.com Thanks folks, Charlie
  21. Starter: Check your fuses & wires. Diagrams and troubleshooting info can be found here: http://www.goodkarmaproductions.com/html/tech.html As for running rich, could be a host of things. Balance the carbs, check your plugs, make sure the choke isn't stuck.
  22. I read that wrong, thought you already had the nut off
  23. Isn't the gear held on by a half-moon key (i.e., not threaded)? I don't have that model personally but the diagrams are showing a key on the shaft. G-424 Alternator
  24. 6v bulbs are still pretty easy to come by here but my night vision is so poor now and the roads are so bad that I try to avoid driving in the dark whenever possible. Another issue of course is gypsies dressing up like cops, flagging you over then robbing you and stealing your vehicle. Maybe less of a concern for folks like me but it happens here on a regular basis. Besides, as far as I'm concerned once the sun goes down it's time for beers not driving ;)
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