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    US citizen living in Varna, Bulgaria: bought an 1953 M-72 January '06, currently bald and cursing under my breath in a musty post-Soviet garage.

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  1. I have 2 of those right now, the header pipes are trashed on both of them. In fact they're trashed on every one I've seen & new replacements are extremely difficult to find. The pipe wrap may simply be cosmetic.
  2. yeah, the gearbox is bulletproof. Pistons and rings are the few things readily available online.
  3. I'm in the midst of rebuilding one at the moment. Here in Bulgaria they're still readily available & relatively cheap; about 200 euro for a (beat-up) but running '60s era Planeta 2. Spare parts are an issue, especially with the current EU embargo on Russia. Most Russian suppliers simply won't/can't ship to me anymore. The parts that ARE available are generally for the Planeta / Jupiter 5 models and may or may not fit the model 56. The Izhvesk factory is still operational, OEM parts are out there subject to my comment above. Chinese parts are available but should be avoided if at all possible. Weak spots? It's a 350cc two stroke engine. It probably won't pass an emissions test in any civilized country. You know those fancy smoke screens that the James Bond cars put out? This thing has one activated by default. If that doesn't bother you, then nothing else about the bike will. You can check out my project at https://www.facebook...=1&l=3efbd758f1
  4. I'll have new stock in first week of February. Sallen will also have them at the CRAP rally, see his post here. Guys, please note that my email has changed to charvin23@gmail.com - there's no way for me to get notifications from Yahoo anymore and I'm dumping that account.
  5. ^ Much thanks for this, makes my life a bit easier ;)
  6. IMPORTANT ######! READ THIS: Pursuant to agreements with other MC's in Europe, the full back patches are now only available with an MCC lower patch unless you speak to me personally first. I'm busier than a three legged horse at the Kentucky Derby, I don't keep a bunch in stock and I don't watch this forum regularly anymore- so you need to EMAIL OR PM ME before sending cash. My email is charvin23@gmail.com. SINGLE SMALL PATCHES ARE NOW $10.00 because of increases in postage costs. IF they are combined in an order for a large set or multiple small ones, they will still be $6.00. Thanks for understanding, I'm doing my best to keep up but I have 3 bikes under construction and multiple parts on order- I often forget about sporadic requests for patches. Cheers guys, Charlie
  7. Sorry, I don't check this thread on a regular basis. Patches are available, you just need to PM me or email charvin23@gmail.com.
  8. And yes, that is a flat tire on the back dammit. Had two filler chucks for my compressor and both of them failed...
  9. The new foilhead is a particularly tall guy, stock riding position was out the window.
  10. yep, bar end turn signals at the buyer's request. Engine is stock except for the 12v conversion & carb mounted filters.
  11. In what may possibly be the longest running build in RIMC history, the M61 is done. Check out http://www.fleshandr...surrection.html
  12. With the spark lever set at full advance gap the points at 0.45 mm - TDC is pretty much irrelevant, but you can find it by pulling the plugs and feeling the piston with a screwdriver blade. http://www.goodkarmaproductions.com/HTML/Tech.html - check the iframe at the bottom of the page.
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