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  1. I found the same as Ragman. my mileage increased with windscreen. Just tested my 2007 Patrol..26.5 mpg My 2005 tourist used to get between 28-31 depending on passenger or not
  2. Here are some pics. I just noticed that even though this CJ has been in my bike barn under cover there is a little surface rust on the spokes and a few other places. I do have matching rattle can spray . Mostly just dusty. If interested do not be afraid to make and offer. Thanks Kevin
  3. Scrinch, I this just a sidecar? You don't have a CJ bike to go with it do you? Chris No just the hack. I do have a Honda CB750 that I was working on to marry it to. It is pretty much at the reassemble stage but just don't have time. Looked at a few BMW's R90's but ended up just going for the Ural Patrol instead. Rather ride than wrench.
  4. I should be able to muster up a few shots tomorrow
  5. Thanks all.... You still running that CJ Chris? I gotta give you lots of credit cause I know you drive it summer and winter. Yu guys from that side of Maine are a tough breed. Well the Raven fell through but undaunted, I had a back up plan, so am getting a 2007 Patrol Wed out of Ct. It is much closer than going to Philly and a better bike Can't wait
  6. Sold my 2005 Tourist , bought a Harley Road King Classic with Liberty sidecar, then ended up in a Toyota MR2 Spyder . Long to short.... the MOST FUN was in the Ural so I just recently bought a Raven 2006. I am going to pick it up this week in Pa and can't wait to get back in the Ural saddle. Glad to be back !!
  7. SOLD I have a rebuilt --refurbished CJ sidecar that I don't need any more. It was a project bike situation but ran out of steam and time to finish it. Also if anyone is interested 1980CB 750..Rebuilt carbs lots of parts Spare wheels $1600 takes it all. or $1300 for the sidecar alone. I live in Midcoast Maine so realize I am a long way from anywhere, but pick up the rig and have a vacation at the same time !
  8. I am interested and right next door to you in Midcoast Maine. Let's set up a time to look at the bike and talk. Scrinch AKA Kevin White
  9. I have seen a number of these around here but IMHO they are BUTT UGLY. Also are these made by the same people that make SKI DOO snow machines? If so, after my experience with one of those I wouldn't want one from a mechanical standpoint either. Just my 2 cents worth.
  10. You are missing all the fun of going out in 0 degree weather, pulling the enrichers, giving the starter a short blurp and listening to that cold sleeping beastie come to life. Then you know that you got it tuned right! :thumbsup!:
  11. Thanks for the heads up on that IceQueen. Wow 10 outa 6 isn't a great percentage. Sounds like my 70's VW days when I kept two or three engines around just to keep one VW bug on the road.
  12. Old Ural habits die hard. I have noticed on the Harley Road King I still : Try to turn it off with a non existent key near the head light Try to find neutral by pushing on the non existent reverse lever. Shift by picking my foot all the way off the floorboard and pressing firmly on the rear of the shift rocker Haven't passed a car Haven't gone over 60 mph Worry about noises that I have not noticed before. :thumbsup!:
  13. Yesterday we turned our Ural 2005 Tourist over to Mark Allen. We will be riding a Harley Road King w sidecar from now on. But, every time I jumped onto the Ural I would again fall in love with her. She was just a really fun bike and I would have kept her if time , space, and money allowed, but I feel good knowing her new owner will take care of her and have a great time. May the force be with you, and ride safe.
  14. I am selling my 2005 Black Tourist. In great shape, always garaged, well maintained. 9000 Miles. $6500.00 OBO Good Rubber all around on tires touching ground ( spare has 50% +or - ) Military style 1.5 gal spare gas can and bracket. Carpet sides in hack. Passenger rear view mirror. Pedestrian Slicer. Holopaw Gene drivers windscreen. Leg fairings. Luggage rack. Small leather saddle bags and brackets, Rich Maud drivers seat cover, drivers backrest. chrome search light on hack. Also misc. spare parts...carb flanges, throttle cable, oil filters and washers, wheel bearings, removeable magnetic stars both red or white. Tool bag under rear seat. If you have serious interest you can contact me at pkjwhite@midcoast.com or call 207 542 1253
  15. I used to do my own, but it was too good and then I ended up drinking way too much. Like others have said the key to success is cleanliness, otherwise you will get skunk p__ss. One of the most fun beers I did was using sap from sugar maples instead of H2O. It had a nice maple undertone and went great with pancakes.
  16. Last night I was messing about on Craigs list,, I typed in sidecar for different states in the NE and there are quite a few rigs in different states of repair and disrepair out there. If you have the mechanical skills to even think about a 'Kit" , I would think you would be better off buying a used rig that has run or is running and go from there.
  17. I followed a guy the other day that was all over the road and kept fiddling with the center of his dash console. I finally figured he was looking at his GPS. I hope you don't get distracted by the stuff on your handlebars. As Pegleg can testify it only takes a second of inattention to be up some ones tailpipe.
  18. I talked to Peggy ( Pegleg's wife) today and Rick is at home and continues to do well and is healing. I apologize for the amount of time it took me to get an address, but I make my entire living in the summer and really have just been out straight. You can send cards to: Rick Marston ( AKA Pegleg Pete) 8 Cottage Road Bridgeton, Maine, 04009
  19. I got an update on Rick AKA Pegleg Pete today. The info I got was he is awake and receiving visitors. He has lost his spleen and punctured a lung from broken ribs. His head is OK . There have been complications from the surgeries but all looks good for now. I will try to get an address tomorrow if anyone else wants to send a card.
  20. I just heard about Rick tonight from a friend that lives in the Bridgeton area. I plan to give a call to his shop tomorrow to see if there is any update about his condition. He is a great guy and loved his Gear Up. It is a great shock to hear about his accident.
  21. scrinch


    I seem to remember that "scientists" once said that there was no debate that the sun orbited the earth. The volcanos of the earth put out far more co2 than all of humankind ever did. what the "scientists" need is a keen grasp of the obvious. There have been cycles of planetary weather for aeons before industrialisation, and there will be cycles during and after. Jim It seems to me our knowledge today is based to a large degree on understanding our previous mistakes, not nullified by our previous mistakes. I have no knowledge of the actual output of volcanos CO so can't speak to that. In a way it is a moot point as the question is about human influence on climate change not previous changes caused by natural causes. But I would be interested in knowing your source. The question ...Is the earth warming? Yes, it is quantitative. I am sure that most scientists are well aware that the earth has gone through cycles of warming and cooling. We know this because of Science. The second question is....Are humans the cause of this present warming. If you believe science, overwelming evidence says yes. Now, as I said I am not a scientist, I haven't spent the last 40 years of my life collecting data concerning climate change. I don't confer with other scientists and read the data they have presented. I personally choose to defer to those with a great deal more experience and knowledge on this subject.
  22. scrinch


    I'm not a scientist so thought I would do a little research on Google. It seems there isn't much doubt among scientists at this point that people are the cause. "FACT: There is no debate among scientists about the basic facts of global warming. The most respected scientific bodies have stated unequivocally that global warming is occurring, and people are causing it by burning fossil fuels (like coal, oil and natural gas) and cutting down forests. The U.S. National Academy of Sciences, which in 2005 the White House called "the gold standard of objective scientific assessment," issued a joint statement with 10 other National Academies of Science saying "the scientific understanding of climate change is now sufficiently clear to justify nations taking prompt action. "
  23. scrinch


    Won't make any friend with this one probably.... I keep hearing that it is cold in (pick a place) so global warming is a bunch of crap. The globe is a big place and the global warming thing is not determined by a week or even a years temp in (pick your place). The Polar ice caps are melting and Glaciers are receeding and that is a measurable fact. That isn't happening because the earth is getting colder. Why it is happening may be debatable but not that it is happening.
  24. Yeah, early on I considered it. I decided it was too distracting, as well as too expensive. GAVNO I thought it was just me....I mounted a hand held on my car dash once and spent the entire time looking at where I was on the screen instead of where I was actually going. Figured at that rate I would crash into something so I took it out. If I take it with me now I put it in the hack trunk and only get it out when I am lost. Bought it on E-bay used so it wasn't too much $$. I really got it because I sometimes work with my boat in the ocean and fog will get you lost real quick!!
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