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  1. Although I would never personally own one, thanks for the heads up regarding this.
  2. Yobe

    DNEPR World

    Tim, Save yourself a lot of time and frustration and just run down and see Holopaw Gene and get yourself a Ural. He has new and used Urals at his place along with all the pieces and parts you would ever need and Gene Langford is one of the most honest, outstanding gentlemen you will ever meet. IMHO... I would not mess with a Yuri Kit. Holopaw Ural There are also a bunch of us Ural riders right here in CFL and we try to get together every so often for rides, eats and a cold brew. Check out the rides link at www.sovietsteeds.com for the last ride w/ pics we did a couple of weeks ago.
  3. So what is the fate of said bike? Shipped home? For in country only?
  4. Now that's funny. Copy/Paste to many of my HD friends.
  5. I think Robbie Moore was talking about having it at his ranch up in Columbia, SC for '08 and beyond.
  6. I got to seem em up close tonight at Hooter's, it looks really cool.... great idea Marty!
  7. Nudity? Foul Language? I dropped a couple of "F" bombs last year when you know who was a member (Matt). A couple of booby pics of a hottie on a Ural a few months ago I think Penning posted. Other than that... am I missing something?
  8. Valient effort John, thanks for the rest of the story. I think many of us are taking the wait and see approach. I am free next weekend for a ride around the 7th plane of Hades known as CFla.
  9. Yobe

    I buggered it!

    Yikes.... not to parrot but I am glad you are above the ground and not below it. Hacks are relativly cheap if that is where all the damage is at. Not sure if the bike frame is bent, hard to tell from the pics. Anyway, get well and start your southpaw training.
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