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  1. no waaaaayyyy!!....... I am Romanian and I think I can name at least 40 states in a minute.... hahahhaaha
  2. heidenau K36, 4/18 100euros/pair tube included. :)
  3. Can I trade myself for that toolbox tank? my apartment, anything? the gold reserve of my country??? pleeeeeeeeeeassseeeeeee
  4. k, when I will have some time I will send it to you
  5. may be, but it also needs the sticker with the tehnical inspection on the plate, you can imagine it can't be sent to US for that!
  6. old style plate for motorcycles, Vrancea county. m_focsani_1.bmp
  7. and now please look on the Jersey plate and tell me what I really, really need for this cadillac!!!
  8. red stickers for tehnical inspection until 2009
  9. romanian registration plates: Bucharest, 64-SDM, regular car registration plate Bucharest, 90- CBO regular motorcycle plate Bucharest, 6338 98/12 temporary registration plate, expired on december 1998 (issued for 6 or 12 month, usualy for foreign citizens living i Romania) 7 - B - 1848 old style car registration plate, hard to find these days, not in use anymore B -01 - TEA regular registration plate for motorcycles, after U.E. VL 045... temporary registration plate 30 days only. hard for me to resize pics,...
  10. Hi, I have a romanian plate somewhere in my house. Actually, I have two of them. I can even buy a new one for one of my bikes and send it to you. :unsure2: Hope you don´´t want the old style too, that ones are harder to find Vali
  11. Alecu, you should notice by now: every vehicle I own is registered with the same combination of letters, B-01-TEA for MT9, B-07-TEA for M63, B-15-TEA for M72, B-77-TEA for my car... I intend to use the B-07-TEA plate for this SOLO. Yes, I am paraniod, I know.
  12. Bill, the russian unit (same as the pics from your site) worth being repaired? is it better than RPOC? Mine works except from the bearings
  13. I agree, but I am in Europe.. Far away from you
  14. By the way Alecu, the engine is very quiet when the alternator is out! But it vibrates because it misses a lot on the left side
  15. I bought the Ural from Alecu. Is the 2002 Ural equiped with the mighty RPOC alternator or this one works better? Why do I ask: Do I need to change it quicly with a Denso unit or just replacing the dead bearings inside will work fine?
  16. In Ukraine. A friend of mine is dealing with spares imported in Romania, I know he found new engines too.
  17. hm, I bought the solo from Alecu in the end...
  18. try to use the battery from your car first...
  19. very cool for a short ride. I don't know about longer trips, but the way I sit in the saddle makes me worry about long term comfort
  20. nice... they sold the engine... now I have to wait... for how long? :thumbsup!:
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