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  1. Electronic ignitions are available around here. I will post a pic, and I will ask someone to certify that it shows a type 3. May be I will go for one as well.
  2. Do you know what it means? Funny, I'd expect to see that plate on a Corvette or a Hummer.
  3. Oh please, please don't ask me to translate this... I can tell you the guy is romanian for sure!!!!!
  4. Nope, it will dissapear after the first real problem. :)
  5. I don't know but we can find out, I guess. ZIL 157 is the best looking in my opinion
  6. I guess the public bath was not only for gipsies after all!
  7. I sent the package today, I don't know for sure when it will arrive, people told me about 5 days. tracking number: ED001700605RO http://www.posta-romana.ro/tt/index.jsp?limba=0 Hi Vali, That's fine, I'm looking forward to getting it. Once again, many thanks ! Friendly yours, Thierry
  8. ok, now I have the entire bike, of course it needs adjustments, it runs like hell I don't know for sure where is the bug. I'll sort it out somehow. Should I go on with mounting the engine on a M72?
  9. I prefer Denso because I don't see very well. And now I broke my glasses, it's even better. Can't aford a weak headlight, even if I ride on rare ocasions by night
  10. aaaahhhhhh, I dream about that!!! but is more expensive to register it, to take it home ( I don't have license for that), to have a place to store it... I can buy it but I can't do anything with it.
  11. cool I guy in ROmania bought 2 ZIL 131 trucks in perfect condition for less than 6000e, including VAT, tips, registration, and all sort of papers you can imagine. I saw one of the toys. 50 liters on the road, 100 liters offroad. petrol. :) very cool indeed
  12. So tell us something else we don't know ? Pera's coming down this weekend, if you can get it to him before then I'll try it out and if you want to sell it I'll send the cash back with him. Or better yet, ride down with them **** Pera, I was asking him for your phone nr and he's not answering the phone anymore. I might come by, to look for some Steyr Puch (Mercedes G-Classe) 4x4 vehicles for sale on a street in Varna. I am really interested to see the price for them. If I will, I think M72 will be a better choice, the new ural is running like crap. I'll think about that. :)
  13. Nice, a pair of twins (can I say that?)
  14. hahahaa, In my balcony sits, besides one milion other unuseful things, a generator. Used to be 6V, someone rewired it for 12V and assured me it will work fine. Never trusted this, never used, never even tried to.. But then again, I am insane, so..
  15. in the sidecar you will see the part which drives the alternator. it has the original 6V generator gear at one end, and at the other, a pulley. it is held in place by the original bracket of the 6V genny and by an iron part (hammer made) bolted in the case, using the original bolt of the generator. the alternator it is mounted using the right side bracket bolt and the nut from the clutch cable. the most complicated thing was the belt tensioner. check careful, I can send you more pics if you want. small belts are available from continental, etc. for about 5-10 euro. the alternator never moved a milimeter, even after long enduro sessions I used to do.
  16. sorry, I forgot to post the link...
  17. what I did to my bike may look ugly but it works (anyone else can do it better) and the most important thing is: I did not modify the case, it can be converted to the original anytime. and the suzuki swift denso generator was about 30 euros. :)
  18. ah, very nice, I would like to have them both. this is one of my fantasies. :thumbsup!: Anyone know who sells them? Raceway. I put on on my Gear Up, can't really say it is an essential, but I like it, the foot shifter is still functional, I just don't use it. Forward gears and a seperate reverse/neutral finder lever, although I think some adapt it to operate the 2wd.
  19. check this crappy voideo. You can use a Denso, if you work hard it can be fitted under the tank. Of course I am too lasy to do that, works fine for me that way. My point here? When I turn on the head lamp, night turns to day. :thumbsup!:
  20. Charlie, it will never ever fit your M without cutting the engine case. And I dont't htink you want this. On the other hand, if you modify, please don't use a RPOC...
  21. hand shift for reverse. may be not legal but nice anyway. I would like one too. can be found on the retro only
  22. Hi, I hope Friday I will have the time to send the plate to you, I will be back in Bucharest thursday night.
  23. the front tire is very close to the fender bolt, one can use a 3,5/18 on front, same profile.
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