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  1. Hallo Rolf, und willkommen! Would not be a lot nicer to play with a Zundpp KS?? Real history and good example german talent!!
  2. ok I made my order for a new denso and a new Ducati thing. they will be installed with the Herzog gears and the new camshaft that already arrived. of course they won't be fully functional until the chromed luggage rack will be installed while the ural cup of tea is around. 2, I have a belt driven generator on my M72. It's a Denso. it comes from a small Suzuki Swift (it's a car even if it looks like a lawn mower to US people). 3. I saw a nice thing done by a romanian guy: the front part of a 424 generator coupled to a back side and internals of a brand new Daewoo Tico alternator. they fit perfectly. :D :D the new Tico part was 110 euros. 4. off topic: metal flanges instead of rubber ones can be fitted with the Keihin carbs? will they work???? I can't find the original "small size heads" flanges anywhere.
  3. Why doesn't someone just make a belt driven alternator, like those unprofessional guys from bmw?? or even to replace ALL gear with belt?.... come on, it can´t be that hard
  4. THANK YOU GUYS I will think hard about it. My gears and new camshaft just arrived. (the old cam was slightly eaten by the fact that the screw that supposed to hold in place the points or whatever got loose... just a little bit... and I was wondering where the high idle is coming from...) Yes, I have points ignition on my 750 Ural. I wonder what other parts were stolen form this bike in its past.. But running with 130km/h makes me believe the solo gears are still inside the FD :)))) Anyway it has no reverse! So, I will have to pay for Ducati AND for Denso in order to do a good job. And these days our currency is going to hell too. It will be a financial disaster for me. Can't send you anything to fix Ken, from Romania.. way too far away. Sorry.
  5. the front was modified to fit a magneto coming from a two cylinder power generator. I have one of these things at home too. and it actually works!
  6. Möve used to make seats for BMW, but not only for them. That is an original nice piece of german seat you have there! Frame is M72 though. Wheels, engine case (not the tower gear cover) needs a closer look. Front fender is possible to come from a BMW, but probably it was modified, like the tank... Left head was damaged (as usual, the right head is OK, due to the fact is was saved by the sidecar) or what? closer pictures? Vinzi saua? :)
  7. so the 424 is better than the 35amps unit?? you try to tell me NOT to mount my new Herzog gears with the 35A I have on the bike and to upgrade NOW to a Denso? I am talking about a 2002 750cc solo
  8. http://www.swc-maier.de/ if you need ROUND wheels. I have them on my M72. Made by Radaelli. Good luck.
  9. HAHAHAHAHAA Harleych, in Romania rains like hell, and its cold like it is winter. ( 10 days ago I was at the Black Sea, on the beach...) Hard to ride on this weather, I guess. cia agents stoled our summer :))))
  10. left cylinder is not working, check ignition coil which is crap if original, plug, fuel, etc. you will never put your hand on that pipe if it works...
  11. yep. first time I've seen it on a brand new trailer, in the back of a brand new Escalade. the caddy, the trailor and the spyder, all with temporary registration plates. it was brand new of course. Same day it was 300km away, at the seaside. on the street. really looked like a spyder... do we really live for nothing around here?? :thumbsup!:
  12. as far as I know k68 should fit any 650 head, except the old M61, M62 motorcycles, where the two bolts are mounted vertically
  13. my '74 dnepr mt9 is red, and it was imported in '74 as a new motorcycle for an electric company at that time. it has the original colour too, faded of course. nothing to do with fire department.
  14. NIce! You will be in Varna soon I guess...
  15. Ups!, you are right!.. :thumbsup!: Funny, I'd expect to see that plate on a Corvette or a Hummer. Ha! Google actually translates it pretty well...
  16. Dub, stop it before it is too late. This how I ended up having about 5 M72 in pieces, one mt16 - very low mileage indeed, one mt9 I don't have the time to finish, on m61 - just to be there, one 2002 solo - which is not working properly, and milions of other parts and pieces... Than someone close to me died and I realised (again) that all of this is bull@hit. Hope I was helpful. :)
  17. I have one too, no need for it. But I am faaaaaar away from you!
  18. please enlight me, if the smaller wheels are better for traction, not for speed, why the factory uses 18" on solo bikes? my '02 Solo will go faster with 19" on it I guess... but it runs very good now too, (when it works) 130km/h is not a problem. sorry SB to jump in your thread
  19. Perfect match, I have the type shown in the pic. I have to go to the dealer again, but if the parts supplier from Linz will spend another month to deliver the correct flanges, I won't be happy. Thank you very much @Kugelbake for your help. Seems that I learn the hard way.
  20. OK, but please tell me if this will apply to a 750, like mine. (2002 Solo 750). CAn I have small spacing heads on a 750??
  21. My 2002 Ural solo has a beautiful leaking pair of K68 on it. I took the original Keihin carbs when I bought the bike. I made an order here in RO for a pair of new flanges, I don't have the old ones anymore. When they finnaly arrived, I went to the garage with the carbs, throtle cables, etc to do the job, but.... It seems the flanges are wider in diameter, I can't bolt them on the heads. They are 5mm wider, and the head seem to be original, I didn't notice anything strange about it. How is this possible? Never heard about 2 type of heads, one with a bigger distance between carbs bolts than the other. Any ideea is good.
  22. Thanks, Kermi! My russian coil was the cause of the loss of power, backfiring, missing sparks, how do you want to call it. Put a double coil from Leszek and realised how easy the solo will reach 130 km/h, even with the leaking K68 on the left side. Michael, news from your bike?
  23. is this a type 3? anyway, for 60 euro, I think I will try it
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