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    Next I sat my rear bearing in the carrier. It was very loose, so I used some Loctite bearing retainer. Of course afterwards i saw online that the bearing is supposed to have some slip for expansion. Too late now. Hopefully it'll be OK.


    I noticed a weird thing at the front bearing carrier- there seemed to be an oil passage hole through the carrier that deadended at the case. It seemed like it should have led to the tube that traverses the length of the motor, under the crank. I probed with a drill bit, but didn't find a passage so I just went ahead and put in the bearing. We'll see there, too.

    The tube going from the back to the front of the engine is the oil feed line. In the front, the oil goes up through a vertical oil passage and out through the tiny hole you have pictured and because it can't go anywhere else (it can't go through the bearing outer wall, right??) it will flow through the rounded opening you see in the picture and feed the front oil slinger (lubricating right side connecting rod).

    Same thing happens at the rear of the engine for the left side connecting rod. Sometimes using mismatched parts and not verifying if the hole in the rear bearing carrier alligns to the oil passage in the engine case (thicker gasekets...) can lead to oil starvation of the left side rod.



    The pipe going from the front to the rear of the engine case sometimes ROTATES and the front passage gets closed (at the front the pipe is not straight cut) . Make sure the pipe did not rotate and is in the right position. Compressed air while engine case is empty might be usefull. Secure the oil pipe with a proper fixing bolt inserted from the bottom of the case (oil pan off). Throw away the OEM fixing bolt and calculate the apropriate length for the one who WILL do the job. Probably 1-2mm longer will be ok.

  2. You have a regular 750 crank repeteadly hit with a hammer, which is not a good thing (picture 3).


    AHH!!! Damn it! damn romanians always fixing things with hammers :thumbsup!: I know I'm guilty of that! :laugh: Thanks valicaddy, now I for sure have to replace the crank




    No, you don't. Take it off and then you will see exactly how good it is. :cheers:

  3. Putting a 650 crank in a 750 block would not make sense on several levels.


    But putting a 750 OHV crank will make a lot of sense hence the market is flodded with beautiful chinese quality parts. I already have an obsession about how to do that...


    I dream about a "bullet proof" M72 engine with NEW parts.... :thumbsup!:

  4. cylinders and matching pistons are available from time to time brand new. (K750). buy them, don't waist the time.

    K37? hard to say...

    gasket set is available in romania for about 10$. best quality gasket set is available at motorrad-stemler.de (BMW R71) for about 100EUR. I ordered head gaskets from them, I will tell you how they look when they will arrive.

    flywheel I have

    bowden cables - also available for bmw and so on, u can also make them.

    complete wiring - ready in 45 minutes if you have a good "electrician"

    original lights are hard to find. if you mean "becuri" than it's not a problem.


    when do you come in romania?

    The List:


    - a pair of cylinders with matching pistons and valves

    - a pair of K-37 carburetors

    - complete gasket set (engine, gearbox, final drive, cylinders, everything)

    - a flywheel

    - a kickstarter gear

    - throttle, clutch, and brake cables

    - ignition wire

    - the strainer or filter or whatever goes inside an oilbath/horesehair air filter

    - brake, turn, and head lights


    Thanks guys. Also, if you can't help that's OK too, after all with these old rust buckets we learn to make do with nothing right? :thumbsup!:




  5. Ok, so first of all it's a flat topped piston. No dome, no raised section, nothing. Also, it only has three sets of rings, two compression and one oil.


    nice. M72 should have flat pistons with 3 rings if they are original. but I don't think they fit OHV Dnepr. pictures?

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