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  1. Silly people! We can cure Global Warming with a simple Nuclear Winter. Push of a button solution!
  2. Looks like the blue wire (spare) is part of the high beam circuit. I only figured out yesterday why my 2005 Patrol doesn't want to start. The starter relay is weak. Nothing more. I confirmed this by running a test lead to the solenoid terminal and touching the other end to the positive terminal of the battery with the ignition on. Runs like a charm. I've been tearing my hair out on this because I got +12V on the solenoid terminal when I hit the starter switch. Apparently, there's voltage there, but no current because the contacts are kaput. Oh well. Lesson learned...
  3. According to the schematic (does anyone actually trust the Russians on this score?), the right side blinker is a green/black wire. The 2006 schematic was pretty clear, so when I re-drafted it in color, all I basically did was make the connectors representative of the actual layout. Still, we are talking about a schematic that originated with Russian information, even if the schematic in the 2006 manual was drafted here in the USA. Naturally, no loose blue wire is depicted, so that one would have to be traced back to where it goes to in reality instead of oddball schematic land. 2006 Ural Patrol wiring diagram.
  4. Make extension drills with a .750 dia. pilot and finish with a .750 dia. drill. Leave the mufflers mounted. Takes about 5 minutes if you have a good electric drill. Is there a tangible improvement in engine performance in addition to the different timbre to the exhaust?
  5. Why is it that the only coils I've ever seen with this "protective" spark gap are the Russian ones? Millions of bikes out there with electronically simlilar ignitions use coils without any kind of extra gap. I'm wondering though, if this isn't the reason my Patrol has sat all winter. It ran for 45 seconds last week and that's the only time I've been able to get it to start since December. Funny that it should happen right after I removed the cover to check the ignition. Spark at the plug is really anemic. Time to take another look...
  6. I have a spare 1100cc V11 Sport engine, but I'd want a spare Ural late model frame and transmission to fiddle with.
  7. I have a trailer from Holopaw Gene and I think the sides on it are around 18-20". I added wiring to accomodate the trailer standard 7 connector and use the trailer on both my Ural and my Guzzi. I did find that on the trailer, the Russian OEM lights benefit greatly from a real ground rather than relying on the fender mounting bolts etc. It didn't need any relays but I did put in an American electronic flasher that wouldn't react to changing loads with the trailer in or out of the circuit. Here's my schematic for the trailer. Now that I've looked at it, I notice I didn't add a label for the either the trailer or the connector. Such is life. I added a +12V lead to the trailer as well. That is actually supposed to charge an auxiliary battery but I've never finished that portion of the project. Modified 2005 Patrol wiring schematic Here's Gene's trailer:
  8. That's "His Industrial Majesty Bush" to you! Don't worry, unless he manages to usurp the entire Constitution, he'll be on his way out in a couple of years and yet another political twit will be in charge of the USA. Fortunately, the average American citizen doesn't fit in Dubya's mold. I'm to the point where I believe we'd get better presidential fodder if we just stuck every eligible citizens name in a lottery and the loser, I mean "elected", would have to serve for four years. Same for Congress and the House. While we're at it, we should force Congress and the House to have their salaries paid for by the states they represent and not represent themselves through the federal government. Never gonna happen, but one can hope.
  9. "Reilly: The Ace of Spies" (1983) (mini) Great series. I wish I had a copy of it. James Bond kind of pales in comparison - up until this latest Casino Royale at any rate. The only guy I ever knew that we thought was a spy was a teacher in the school I attended in Laos in the mid-sixties. If he had any esoteric gadgets it would have to have been his personnel gyrocopter - and he crashed that! James Bond he wasn't but he was a helluva nice guy and a fantastic teacher.
  10. One for the spotlight, one for the power port and two spares. At least, that's the way the schematic reads. BTW, the 2006 schematic as provided by Ural is pretty good. All I did was make the connectors more like the real thing and remove some crossing wires for legibility. interestingly enough, the owners manual still says that the warranty is void if you pull a trailer with your rig yet there is a trailer wiring connector provided according to the schematic (#18 on my version). What makes that interesting is that generally, the physical locations of components are reflected on the schematic to a certain degree. The trailer connector however, is shown as being up front on the left side. Guess you're warranty is valid if you're pushing the trailer rather than pulling it! That sort of goes along with the "Load pipes save lives" fallacy. That works best if the pipes are aimed ahead. Maybe the Russians know something that we don't...
  11. The somewhat less legible original is labeled KMZ 3.81237 so I assumed the "K" meant Kiev and therefore Dnepr. I am frequently wrong however so if anyone else has some input, lay it on!
  12. Yep, the new Bond is a whole lot "darker" than before. Notable lack of gadgets in this flick. No "Q" at all. Even "M" seems a bit edgy in this one. The acrobatics during the first chase seen are as extreme as anything I've ever seen. I liked it, but then again, I've liked them all, just some more than others.
  13. Okay everybody, if you would be so good as to check out the following wiring schematics if you're familiar with that model of RPOC and give me feedback on errors, I would be much obliged. Carl Allison's Ural Stuff Page 1941 M-72, M-52, M-61, K750, K-750M, MT-12 Schematic 1967 Dnepr K650 Schematic 1974 Dnepr MT-10 Schematic 1974 Ural M67-36 Schematic 1984 Dnepr MT-11, MT-16 Schematic 1991 Denpr Wolf Schematic email errors to: guzzi007 <at> hughes.net
  14. I just received a slew of wiring schematics, in color and in Russian that will most likely cover everything including allowing me to update obvious shortcomings in some areas on drawings I've already done. Keep an eye peeled, I'm sure to have most of them up on the site within a month or so. Now if I could just read Russian...
  15. I'll bet that the sidecar rear light just has a bad ground. For USA DOT motorcycles, the lights have to remain on all of the time. This applies to the small filament in the sidecar brakelight too and if the dual-filament bulb has a bad ground, the return path for the current will be the brake light bulb which is the large filament. It will stay on under that condition but will not be as bright as normal. Other than that - well, just utter the mantra "RPOC" numerous times under your breath and then try everything you can think of that might be the problem.
  16. What would that be? An M-72M or something?
  17. I'm saving the phantom shorts and grounds for use in trouble shooting the errant neutral lights on my Guzzi's. You didn't really think the Russkies had a monopoly on motorcycle weirdness did you? :lol:
  18. I've added the preliminary schematic for the M72. I badly need correct color codes for the wires - if there is such a thing, and a clear drawing of the ignition switch area. Stuff I've grabbed off of the web doesn't depict this too well. M72 schematic Email information or (good) scans of the wiring (grayscale 150-300 dpi) to guzzi007 <at> hughes.net.
  19. I have weird hobbies. I've done a bunch of Moto Guzzi wiring schematics over the past 5 years because, well, the originals frequently suck. Badly. Russian diagrams are a challenge as well, but I've been giving them a shot too. So, I would appreciate it from this eclectic group of experts if at your convenience you could take a look at: Ural Stuff Page and tell me if you find any things I need to correct. There's always something. These are the schematics I'm concerned with although the 2005 and 2006 are unlikely to need anything because the diagrams were good to begin with. The 2006 actually didn't need anything, but I just felt that some portions could be improved. K650 Schematic Dnepr 11 & 16 Schematic MT10 Schematic MT11 Schematic 2005 Ural Schematic 2006 Ural Schematic If you find something that needs to be corrected, shoot me an email at guzzi007 <at> hughes.net. Thanks.
  20. That engine is waayyyyy too modern for a RPOC hack rig. Shoot for something like a Moto Guzzi engine that has more in common with it. You know, pushrods, weird part support and nobody ever knows what it is.
  21. Motorcycle covers by the Bike Barn - Convenient, Non- contact motorcycle cover! I'm considering one of these. Pricey. Doesn't include the dogs either. Oh well... Nice movies of how easy it is to use. Movie #3 has the ubiquitous young lady demonstrating the product.
  22. I was never so happy as when my 2005 Patrols ignition module was replaced under warranty and the rig would reliably go over 48 mph. Now it will go a whopping 63 mph! Just enough to keep from becoming a bumper ornament on the local highways. Freeways? Never gonna happen.
  23. callison


    I thought of trading in my 2005 Patrol with 1600 km. $5K was the offer. I declined. Dealers will low ball you because they have to, but somewhere between $5K and $8K is probably about right.
  24. I went on a ride up to the park in Trabuco Canyon in 1972 - on the day that the whole area caught fire and a slew of inmates were burned to death while being used to fight the fire. We drove our motorcycles out of the park after the roads were closed (inbound) with the flames shooting over our heads. Too close.
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