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  1. 50' of rope? I'd make it 100'. You can't have too much rope.
  2. Don't roller bearings need some friction to umm... roll? If they make oil too slick, wouldn't they just slide around in the housing? Try that one on an oil pusher, and see what they come up with. Zounds! for 6+ bucks a quart, you should build an engine with no bearings and make er work with it.
  3. The amount of ferite material rerquired to magneticly overcome the negative presure in the combution chamber at the top of the the intake stroke would make it too heavy to operate at the speeds needed. Perhaps hydraulic acutation with an accumilator triggerd by little coil powered pilots.....hmm Nothing better, or more effective than unadulterated mechanical linkage in this case. For now.
  4. Let us know how it goes getting it out of Ukraine. I know where there are lots of complete Dneper rigs in the Crimea, along with some very interesting old cars from the early 50's all in good shape, that can be bought for a song. But I've been told that I would have to pay a huge export tax to get the stuff through the docks. An American shipping antique "junk" all the way to the US....customs officials smell money, "That will be um...Ten thousands of dollars please!" I do not wish to discourage you, but my limited experiance with shipping things in and out of Ukraine has ben horrific. I am still trying to develop the all important "connections"
  5. What was the dog's original color? :flame-on!:
  6. красный цвет очень хорошo! :thumbsup!:
  7. pash13

    ZIL 157

    Slovak Army still have PRAGER trucks. They drive this one around KAF near Kandahar. The cab is from ZIL model 38 They also still use old UAZ and Fergons Their UAZ's are much older than the Afgan Army's
  8. Rekon it's got one o them archaic engineering warruntees Gearhead was warning us about?
  9. The border fence could be built for a mere pitance if we hire Illegal, um... wet b... umm , ..undocumented workers. And there is nothing wrong with Ill, legal immigrants. I hope they all get better.
  10. I just shipped a small box of language CDs to my place in Sevastopol, via Fed Ex. Customs in Kiev sat on it for three weeks, then demanded a tax of 90 Hrivna (about $17). It sat for another two weeks, then they called and changed it to 460 Hrivna (aprx.$90) Two weeks later it was delivered. I havn't yet asked my wife what the final damage was. This was merely a cheap little box of English language CDs. I'm told they hit things going out hard too now.
  11. SOLD! you do paaypal, or ya want a ck? I am in no hurry for delivery I'll of course pay shipping
  12. You should see the ones we have here in the Kandahar region. On hot days, I've seen huge stationary ones. They just stay anchored to one exact same spot, and "drill" away at it for fifteen or twenty minutes. There are certain places around the air strip where they start, and restart day after day. I've seen a few last in the same general area for hours. I supose they are common everywhere, but with all the fine dust here, you just see em real well.
  13. Find some tires at a swap meet, garage sale, or junkyard that are so old their hard as rocks. (About 30 years.) They will handle like their made of wood, and in a bit of rain, it will seem just like you're on a skating rink! But, they will last for years! When the second set of cords start showing, you can tie rags around em, or use duct tape to get sveral hundred more kilometers.
  14. All that tourqe! But, a slow reving engine with stock Dnepr gearing: That's got to be frustrating. Lots more power. Lots less speed. I bet you could pull a 20' trailer though.
  15. Which side is that? How does one go about "winning" a class war? Work hard, educate yourself, do what is nessisary to get ahead? Or rather bitch, cry and scream till Unk'a Sugar gives you someone else's money. Better yet, become an advocate for the dissaffected. and capitalize on their envey and resentment. Everyone will think your soooo careing, and such a good person. Quickest, most painless way to political power. Any moron could do it. Promise to punnish the sucsessful whether they were lucky, unfair, or hard working and smart. Then, dole out a small portion of the take to the supplecants whether they were genuinly unfortunate, or just antisocial, stupid, and lazy. such it has always been.
  16. That's all old hat now boys. they've found the real prob right here. (snicker snicker) http://www.scrappleface.com/?p=2431
  17. :thumbsup!: Often un informed citizens, and law enforcement would confuse bikers with communest / leftest / student radical movements. We were at war with Viet nam, the SLA, Black panthers, and Weather underground were in the news etc. Back then, subversion and treason were not thought of as a right. I grew up in a small town just south of Chicago, In the mid to late sixties. When I was a lad, two tramps came through on choppers that were made out of 45" HD trikes. They were radical sleds, but it was the owners that caused a wave of fear and hate. They had gotten a job painting the water tower, as they were just passing through. They were wearing some kind of patch, (can't remember the details) They were the first men I'd ever seen outside TV, with really long hair and unkempt whiskers. They talked entirly in bop jargon. I'll never forget the only thing I heard them say -"Hey man, like these small town cats are like afraid to fly, man." "Yeh man, that really hassles my mind" My parents took me to the grocery store and the tramps pulled up beside us, diss-mounted, and went in. I remember my parents being so disgusted and terified of them they were completly speachless. After recovering a bit, we drove off without going in. I decided at that moment what I wanted to be when I grew up.
  18. It used to all depend upon what your bottom rocker said. My pal Tiny had a collection of Texas rockers he had removed from people, but that was a long, long time ago, and the past is like a foriegn country, they do things differently there. ;)
  19. Hey, scratch that about flipping the swingarm, I just noticed the Rotax has the out put on the left! It also looks a lot shorter than the Buell so the frame prolly won't need any stretch
  20. Flip the swimgarm. ( it will go in upside down on a Dneper, the shock bolts are in the center). This puts the un-needed drive shaft ring on the left side to make way for a belt or chain. Cut out the backbone, and put in a humped one like on the Hatz diesel conversions. stretch the lower frame rails (in front of the front sidecar mount) if nessisary. Grind down the 20mm axle to apx. 19.5 (for a 7/8" Harley wheel) If it's not a two wheel drive, the axle will go in without the gearbox no worries. Line up your H.D. wheel with whatever sproket, or pulley you want, and the disc brake of your choice, parallel it with the front wheel, and make your spacers. Now just line up your power train with the new rear wheel geometry and fab mounts. Now you've a roller! You'll need to make an airbox cover out of your old gas tank by cutting out the bottom (stretch it if you need to) You'll need to make a gas tank with the fuel pump in it to fit your sidecar. I am doing this with a 2003 Buell power train The Firebolt series Buells have 103 HP, a five speed, and injection. they weigh about -200 lb. and you can find em' on Ebay cheap! I am chomping at the bit to finish her, but have delayed gratification for another year in Afgan. (contracting) I need the money now cause I've gone and bought a flat in Sevastopol. :blush:
  21. A flat in Sevastopol Ukraine, with a dacha near Canon City Colorado and a job in Kandahar. Seems I don't get to ride anything but a jet anymore. >
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