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    I forgot about the "solo" feature on them bikes.... I only put mine in solo mode a time or two. I was single back then and was giving rides pretty frequently to the young ladies... Now, everyone DID notice Randy's latest pic has the bike in solo mode, right ??
  2. Google translates this as: CAUTION : DO NOT ALLOW FOR EXPANDING PEREPOLNITE Close? That makes much more sense than the Babelfish translation: PREDOSTOREZHENIYE: YOU WILL NOT OVERFILL PLEASE FOR THE EXPANSION I have no idea what perpolnite is, though. Perhaps he means (combining both translations): "CAUTION: DO NOT OVERFILL TANK, ALLOW FOR EXPANSION (of gases)". I'm just guessing, though. I really need to start studying Russian again. You got it. It is supposed to say: "Caution: Do Not Overfill Allow for Expansion" Being I was in Motor T, every vehicle said that by the gas cap. Don't know if they do that anymore. The translation I have was as close as a Russian guy I know could translate. He said some english words just do not translate correctly into Russian. He wrote that and said it should be "close enough".
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    Randy, Congrats !! I used to have one of those back in the '80's, mine was a burgundy color, a 1981. You'll love it, I know I did !! I rode mine more than I drove my car. And surprisingly, JC Whitney still stocks some parts for them ! You may want to start looking around for places that sell parts, because believe me, you do NOT want to go to Honda to get parts. Anything to do with that engine or charging system will make you soil your pants ! But don't despair. The engine will run forever !! This site has everything you could think of: http://hondapartsdirect.reachlocal.net/default.asp Again, congrats, and seeing your bike makes me wish I held onto mine....
  4. Yep, I agree, #3 looks the best. I plan of putting this on my gas tank on the toolbox cover, I can't decide if I should make a stencil and paint it on (more authentic) or go the modern way with RTA vinyl decals. Anyways, this is what I want done: ПРЕДОСТОРЕЖЕНИЕ: НЕ ПЕРЕПОЛНИТЕ ПОЗВОЛЬТЕ ДЛЯ РАСШИРЕНИЯ
  5. Um, uh, a Ural rider wearing a Polo shirt ? Puhleeeze. :unsure2: We wear shirts that we don't mind getting oily/dirty/greasy. Maybe a polo shirt if, and only IF, you promise NOT to wear it while on your rig. We DO have a reputation to uphold !! And if you are ever seen wearing said Polo while on your rig and sitting in front of a Starbucks, you do realize that is sufficient cause for someone to put a round through you, don't you ? Ural Riders get thier coffee from gas stations, Dunkin Donuts, or 7-11. That's it. And when we want "fancy coffee" we get our coffee with sugar AND milk !!
  6. I wired mine to the power going to the rear tail light. So when the bike is turned off, the intercom turns off. You could wire it directly to the battery if you want, the intercom shuts itself off if you disconnect your helmet from the jack. With my set up, I can toss my helmet in the tub and cover it all with the tonneau, no dsiconnecting required. Yep, I'm THAT lazy...... I mounted the unit in the trunk using industrial grade Velcro. It hasn't slipped since the day I mounted it. Although you can see that after I mounted the Bluetooth module I didn't line everything back up like I did the first time...... :unsure2:
  7. JohnBG, Potato gun ? Sure, you could mount a potato gun, it all depends on the investigating and/or arresting officer. When I advised a Sheriff's Deputy that my DP-28 was a replica, he smiled and said, "This is Texas, son, you could put a REAL one on there if you want !" So far the only comments I get from my local LEO's are as we pass each other. When we do meet and greet in a parking lot, they are looking more intently at the rig than they are at the replica mounted on the tub. That 2WD shaft gets a rise out of them every time !! I even had one police officer working security at Chic-Fila ask me to wait, he called his wife to come up to see my rig ! When she did come up, she walked up, smiled, and said, "Great, more military crap to put in our yard !" Make friends with the boyz in blue and you'll never have problems. Act like a d!ckweed and they can be your worst nightmare.
  8. Well, it was time once again to order some new stuff. I got the "military green" t-shirt with the small RIMC logo on the front, and the RIMC logo garage clock. What I was thinking about was; does Glenn at least get SOME of the $$$ we drop at the shop ? As much as I stop by here, it'd make me feel better if Glenn was getting something out of all this !! If he is getting a cut, the amount he gets is none of my business, I was just hoping he is getting something for providing a place for all us nuts to go to !! We all know we get to hang out here for free, but if we all just bought a few things every year maybe we'd be helping the man out.
  9. I assume you know that it's YOU that is leaning..... (look at pic #4).... I went out and looked at my '05 G/U. I, too, have lean out, as it's supposed to have, nothing extreme. I notice it when looking head-on at the rig, don't notice it at all while underway. My sidecar appears more level than yours is. Perhaps you have your rig shocks set low and the hack shock set high ?? It does look like your bike settles down quite a bit when you get on (no gravitationally enhanced joke intended). I'd go ahead and check all shock settings, check tire pressure, do all the easy, free stuff before you start breaking out the wrenches and pipes to do a sidecar alignment.
  10. http://www.militarygunsupply.com/shop/item...itemid=PKMGRU01 http://www.militarygunsupply.com/shop/item...itemid=FIRUDP28 http://www.rusmilitary.com/html/degtyarev_lmg.htm First one is torch-cut Second one is real Third joint doesn't ship to the US Here's an all-metal airsoft RPK for $268. It's electric and shoots 6mm BBs at 260-280fps : http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i..._cat_SRC%20AEGs Here's a gnarly airsoft PKM: http://www.trapperindustries.com/airsoft/page14.html Another all-steel airsoft RPK: http://www.trapperindustries.com/airsoft/page8.html I figure if one is gonna mount a weapon, it might as well shoot something 6mm paintballs are easy to come by, too... Let your monkey get some trigger time! I'd be a little gun-shy about mounting one that can acutally shoot something ! I know this is Texas, but if memory serves, 3 teens were sent to jail to braid Bubba's hair for a couple of years because they were riding around popping off their totally legal paint guns. Now if you and I were in a field somewhere, SWMBO's in the hacks, full-auto paint guns at the ready...... Oops, belay that thought. Your spouse was a jarhead too. Mine never even shot a cap gun. You win by default.
  11. Good call. It's the same one. The damage all matches up in both series and both have POW-MIA stickers visible on the tub. Yep, but did you notice someone lifted his still-brand-new shovel and cover ?
  12. My dealer, Diamond Jims (in Austin) is sadly no longer in business. Before he let me take delivery, he took me to a field behind his shop, let me take a few laps to get the feel. Of course I went slow. When I got back with a sh!t-eatin' grin on my mug, he said, "Okay, now the serious part." While I was still sitting on my rig, he picked up the sidecar. Of course my well thought out response was, "Whoa !!" because I thought something so freakin' heavy couldn't go up so easy. He then informed me about flying the chair, how to hike out, etc. and said I should put 100 lbs of weight-lifting plates in the trunk until I un-learn my two wheel habits. Then he said to take out one plate at a time, and after about a month or two, all the plates should be out and I'd never realize they were there. He was right. I probably have less then 20 lbs of crap in the trunk right now. Oops, not "crap" necessary supplies.....
  13. Could some of the problems you are encountering have anything to do with your rig bein a "FrankenBike" ? No insult intended, but didn't you basically create your own rig ?
  14. Yep, StarCom. Mine's been running flawlessly for 2 years now. Like the others said, it's kinda pricey, but only if you compare it to the "put in 2 AA batteries, velcro it to your helmet, and turn it on" type of intercoms. But if you compare it to a BMW Autocom system or a GoldWing intercom system, the StarCom system is MORE than fairly priced. But two words explain the StarCom best: "It Works"
  15. Well, for the past couple of nights I have been working on my 1983 Honda Passport. Yep, I bought it in 1983, hey, it was great on gas (up to 130 MPG) !! Well, it was great on gas because the engine is only 72cc's ! But I've gotten it up to 50 MPH (screaming), almost top speed of my G/U..... The amazing thing is; I put it up in my mom's garage back in the late 80's and never set eye on it since. It lived with a cover over it. It had a little over a thousand miles on it. To be honest, I forgot about the freakin' thing. Last Saturday I put it on my trailer and took it back to my house, my mom was tired of it being in her garage (geez, that only took 24 years...). I put it in my garage, drained the varnish that once was known as gas, changed the oil, fuel lines, rebuilt the carb, put in a new battery, shot some Marvel Mystery Oil in the cylinder, put in a new plug and aired up the tires. Hit the start button and it kicked RIGHT over, like it was started an hour ago, not nearly a quarter of a century ago !! I flicked that thing around the block a few times (the tires are a wee bit hard..), then went inside and called Progressive to add it to my policy. It cost a whopping 28 bucks a YEAR to insure. I told my wife we should strap it to the back of the G/U, it's WAY better than calling for help when my Ural breaks down; just take down the Honda, start it and ride into town...... She just gave me that "wife glare" and muttered, "Great, another toy in our garage. Wonderful. But my brand new car has to stay outside in the heat and the rain." Of course, being the husband, I played "deaf". I said, "What's that, dear ?" She turned and said, "Nothing."
  16. According to my wife they aren't "Hooter Girls", they are "Hooter B!tches" because, as she puts it, "anyone that can use a hankerchief as a belt is a b!itch in MY book !" Me thinks she's jealous.....
  17. Hmmm, I see a new arguement here; just like the "deep sump or no deep sump because it does nothing"...... In-line filters or no in-line filters because they do nothing..... An updated "oil thread", if you will.... Or a regular or premium gas thread.... :thumbsup!:
  18. Good idea.... :thumbsup!:
  19. Actually, I think John is our die-hard muffler Rattle Can Bandit !! :thumbsup!: I'd venture to guess that his favorite song is "Paint it Black" by The Rolling Stones... I'd also bet that a conversation such as this goes on pretty frequently in the BG household: (Sound coming from garage) RAKKA-RAKKA-RAKKA Mrs. BG: (to kids) "Where's your father ?" Kid #1: "In the garage, why ?" Mrs. BG: "OMG, quick, go see what he's painting NOW !!" Kid #1 runs to the garage entry door, stands in open door way and sheepishly says: "Uh, Mom ? You better come see this..." As Mrs. BG quick-steps to the doorway, a voice from in the garage can be heard. JohnBG: "Close the door, you're kicking up dust !"
  20. That is really cool! But check out this site...scroll to the bottom for te replica WWII weapons...they are a litle more affordable and could become a paintball marker!! http://home.comcast.net/~roja/index.html Derek I looked into them Cushman paintball replicas to mount on my G/U. By asking around, I learned that although they look good, they are pretty delicate. They snap in half pretty easy. They should be marketed as "plastic models" not replicas. I noticed they've updated their website, I don't know if the product has been upgraded also. Last time I looked at them was nearly 2 years ago. I opted to go with the all-metal DP28 replica from Old Timers Garage. Freakin' thing weighs a ton, but rest assured it isn't going to break when an excited kid grabs the barrel !!
  21. Speaking of rotors, John, where did you get the one piece rotor ? I'd like to toss one in my "spares" kit.
  22. Do you have a 2007 ? From what I've heard, they've discontinued using the inlines because the mesh of the in-tank filter it much finer. But I personally would still use the inlines. I can see the crud in the filters, who knows what'll pass through if the in-tank filter tears, pops off, etc. as it's been known to do.
  23. I'd be REAL careful "shocking" the dirtbags..... Believe it or not, it is illegal to boobytrap your car/house/motorcycle, etc. An unmonitored shocking device is considered boobytrapping. Oh, most states will let you shoot them, but don't surprise and shock them !!
  24. Just for general info, before I switched to a K&N filter, I asked IMWA if I had to rejet. I was told that if all I'm doing is changing the filter, all is OK. If I change the filter and the exhaust, then a re-jetting was in order.
  25. DOH! Thanks...I will give that a shot! Yep !! When I took delivery of mine, two keys were never put on a key ring for use. They were tossed in the plastic IMZ bag. The "tossed" keys was the gas cap key and the fork lock key. Never used either. Of course you don't have to worry about the fork lock key. Ural got rid of that wonderful example of locksmithing perfection.....
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