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  1. Yep, Charlie, I remembered how you felt about religion, just had to post what I felt about the issue. In fact, the most common thing I say is, "I believe in God, I'm just not too crazy about His fan club". Usually takes a few minutes for people to get that one.... I'll save ya a little web search time. Harmony.com is a web based dating service.....
  2. Jeeeez.... I haven't been on this board in months, I decide to log in and see this post.....history repeats. Years ago, Charlie created a patch for members back when memberships was really small, and he did it to help out some local school kids. An extremely kind gesture, if you ask me. Yep, I bought the back patch and two smaller patches because Charlie deserved the support. Charlie earned a front row seat on the bus ride to heaven, and I was going to help him. Yes I put the back patches on my black leather riding vest. When I look at it, I think "maybe in some small way I helped Charlie get a box of pens or something for the kids". I don't think "now I'm a bada$$, look at my back !!". I once went to a biker rally. Note I didn't say "bike rally". There wasn't 10,000 bikes there of all makes and models, there were maybe 300 Harleys there and that's it. Most had colors. I was odd man out, not only in my choice of ride, but my choice of back patch. I was the only one there on a Ural, and certainly the only one with an RIMC back patch. It was local and I wanted to go. To be honest, I didn't know it was a biker rally. While sitting at my campsite, a big ol' pot-bellied biker walked up to look at my rig. He was friendly, even politley asked me if he could check out my rig and take photos. As we walked around the rig, I answered all his questions. Tossed on the sidecar seat was my RIMC vest. He asked about the colors and were it was based. I told we were worldwide with thousands of members. He gave me a funny look, so I explained. I said we were an internet based "club" where we all post things about russian motorcycles. I told him about Charlie creating the patch and the reasons behind it. The biker looked at me and said, "So you guys are like Harmony.com for russian bike owners ?" I couldn't help but crack up laughing. So did he. I said, "Yeah, that kinda IS it !!" and we both laughed again. He shook his head. "Computer geeks going online telling each other how much they love their bikes. What the hell's happening to this world ?" We both laughed again. As he walked out of my campsite, he turned and said, "That guy that created your patch ? God bless him." and gave me a thumbs up.
  3. I don't know guys, but that look is so...... wrong. Urals should NOT look like an old plate in your grandma's china cabinet !!
  4. The reason for using engine oil instead of gear oil is because the bushings in the tranny are bronze. Gear oil attacks bronze, engine oil is fine. I know Ural has switched to Herzog gears, but I've never heard of any updates to the bushings. I'd e-mail/call IMWA direct and get the skinny from them. If you use what they say, you can't go wrong. While many experienced Uralists can give you advice, you can never go wrong with what the manufacturer says. When you find out, could you let us all know ??
  5. I bought a Utilikilt several years ago, I recently went to their web site; MAN have they gone up in price (much like our beloved Urals) !! I chose the Workmans in caramel color, and even after several washings, it still looks brand new. I've even rode my G/U wearing it, and it doesn't fly up like one would think. My boot of choice has been a pair of Herman Survivors, they almost "go with" the look of the kilt. I don't try to "Scot it up" by wearing a sporran, flash or anything Scottish. I'm 100% Irish, and my personal opinion is if I try to "Scot it up" it's disrespectful to the Scottish and their traditions. This ain't no traditional kilt. A true kilt in my family tartan is WAY out of my price range and I'd be afraid of spilling beer on it. Like I said, my personal opinion. I've worn it to rallies, restaurants, bars. Bars are the most fun. Some guys will give you flack about wearing a "skirt", until the women flock around you asking questions !! THEN the guys will give you a little more respect and start asking questions such as, "Where'd you get it ? How much does it cost ?" But you have to be careful in bars. As the night wears on and the booze kicks in, I've had several women try to reach up under my kilt, I've had several women try to lift my kilt, I've had several women that actually would get on the ground and try to sneek a peek !!! I once had a girl (not a woman because she was maybe 21 ) walk up to me, hand me a beer and say, "Free balling !! Much respect !!" smile, then walk away. It's gotten to the point that when me and my friends plan on going out for a frosty they ask me, "You're gonna wear your kilt, right ??" But you HAVE to say the standard answer to their questions, it's almost a rule: "What are wearing under your kilt ?" "My boots."
  6. Years ago I had a Honda SilverWing Interstate (think GoldWing with a 500cc engine, same fairing, controls, etc). I had an alarm system that sent a signal to a pager when the alarm was activated. While Christmas shopping one year at the mall, I walked around the store with my hands full. My pager went off. I dropped everything on the nearest table and quickly walked outside. Of course I was on the opposite end of the mall from where I parked my bike. As I walked up, I saw a grown man standing next to my bike, his son sitting on my seat and trying to turn the handlebars left and right. My fork lock was on, but that didn't stop the brat from trying. I began to walk closer and closer, my anger getting worse with each step. When I was about 6 feet behind him, I yelled as loud as I could, "WTF ARE YOU DOING ?!?!?!" (I actually said all the curse words, but can't type them here...) The father jumped, turned around and gave me that "what ??" look. I continued yelling, "Do you see a F'n quarter slot next to my bike ? That ain't no F'n ride, that's MY bike !!" His answer ?? "He isn't hurting it !" HUH !?!?!?! Then the kid started to cry. So he says, "Look, you made him cry !" I said, "In about 2 seconds I'm gonna make him F'n BLEED if you don't get the little barstard off my bike !!" He picked up his crying kid and walked to the parking lot. I followed. He turned and looked at me. I just said calmly, "I'm gonna jump on the hood of your car, that's cool with you, right ? After all, it's okay with you for your kid to climb on MY bike." Of course I stopped walking, I made my point. He mumbles softly, "Someone has the Christmas spirit." I just answered, "F-You you inconsiderate a$$hole !! Teach your little Fu(k-Trophy to respect other peoples property !!" I go back and check my bike. The choke knob is pulled out, all the radio knobs are turned to max, the cruise control is locked on, the fairing pocket snaps are all undone on one side. I thought about getting his license number, but I was too mad to hop on the bike just yet, I had to mellow out. The thing that really got me, is the guy thought he was in the right to do what he did !!!
  7. There should be 3 taps for fuel line on the bottom of your tank. Two are used for the crossover line, one is used for the vent. The gas tank is essentially "cut" in half by the bikes frame. By using the crossover line, you allow fuel to transfer back and forth between sides of the tank. This crossover line is typically resting on top of the air filter housing. The 3rd tap is used for the vent. It's in a different location from the crossover taps, it should be easy to spot. The vent is a section of metal fuel line going from the bottom of the tank to the filler plate. You can see this vent "hole" when you remove your gas cap. It's the little hole where the pump nozzle won't fit into... By all means connect that crossover line !! You are taking chances that the fuel will make it to both sides of the tank !! I have no idea why someone would by-pass that line.... Now I will admit that crossover line is a PITA when you go to take your tank off THEN remember that line is there, stopping you BTDT. But how often do you take your tank off ?? As far as the vent line, most Uralists attach a section of fuel line and tie wrap it down the frame, below the engine and exhaust. After the first time you overfill and see gas dripping on the air filter, you'll attach said line like most of us. Not a comforting site to see when you fill up after riding for a couple of hours and everything is nice and hot......
  8. WOW, has this forum become civilized !!! :thumbsup!: I was expecting to read a resonse such as: You can tell the difference between a Ural and Dneper quite easily. The Ural will have it's owner sitting on the seat, grasping the grips with a smile on his face. The Dneper will have it's owner lying on his back, wrenches in his hands, hyphenated curse words coming out of his mouth.
  9. Just for gee-whiz information, Old Timers now takes PayPal. Good news for Leszek, bad news for me. Now I can order stuff without even leaving my chair !! I used to have to go to the bank, do a wire transfer, etc. It made sure I REALLY wanted the part. Now I can click-n-go !!
  10. Sorry guys, I don't see where neglect comes into play here.... What was neglected ? His dipstick broke, that means he was in the process of checking his oil to find it broken. Certainly no neglect there. He was checking his plugs and found them sooted over. So now he's correcting it. No neglect there. Unless some of you pull your plugs before/after every ride. If you do, you are WAY more anal than I am. That's taking "wrenching instead of riding" to the extreme !! I like to wrench, but I don't do it just for the sake of wrenching. I'd rather be riding. Valve busted in tire. Neglect ? Nah, typical ruskie quality. They don't hold air, so why should they hold together ? Throttle cracked, bought new. Neglect ? Noticed carbs out of sync, creating tool to correct it. Neglect ? C'mon guys, give the guy a break !!
  11. Actually, I never go to the Rant section anymore after our buddy Matt lived there..... But still, no excuse. We can't forget her.
  12. Maybe Ural should come up with a new logo: "Just Ride the Damn Thing !!" :thumbsup!:
  13. In the past I've always gone the hair spray route. Always worked, never had a grip slide off or twist
  14. I've got the same Cobra sitting here uninstalled as yet. How did you mount the mic clip to the handlebars? I also have a Vista-Cruise throttle lock (a.k.a. cruise control) installed. I simply removed one of the bolts for the handlebar clamp, slipped it through the mic clamp, then re-installed the bolt. If I had a camera ready, I'd take a pic. I have that same Cobra 75 in my jeep, all I'd need is another $30 J-box and antenna. do you have any trouble hearing it on the G/U? The sound doesn't come through the handset, I have it coming into my helmet speakers through my StarCom intercom system. I don't know if I could hear it through the handset, I've never tried it since I always wear a helmet.
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