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    Brazil, Indiana
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    Rock & Jazz Musician, Electronic Music Gear Head<br>playing Drums and Keyboards.<br>As a Hobby, it's just lots of Heavy Lifting on each side of a little bit of playing.<br><br>I grew weary of the heavy lifting & late nights so I got a Ural. <br><br>Computer Science pays the bills...

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    Bike: '05 Ural Tourist Name: мечтатель English Translation: Dreamer Best attempt English pronunciation: Mich-Ta-teal
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    I spent huge amounts of time searching for just the right Ural, Dnepr, CJ, or BMW -- wow, am I one lucky guy: Now I'm a '05 Ural owner !!

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  1. PM and email sent...

  2. I'm selling my 2005 Ural Tourist with LOTS of extras! And the best part: $4500.00 It's priced to move. PM me for more info. You pay shipping if needed. To see some Pictures -- I've created a MyGallery here under my Member ID: James_C_Marks http://www.russianiron.com/forums/index.php?app=gallery&module=user&user=1041&do=view_album&album=185 Mileage: 20,000 miles Does this seem like a lot? Not to me,,, I think it is proof that this bike is a Reliable Daily Runner! includes 2 Manuals and all Urals tools, as come standard PLUS LOTS of EXTRAS: matching Ural black metal windsheld matching Ural/Dnepr metal leg guards (splash guards) Ural Cargo Rack added on sidecar (not standard on Tourist) black cargo net on Cargo Rack (spider man eat your heart out) black leather sidecar cover + pegs (uninstalled) 3 new Uralshina tires (current sidecar is fine & spare is factory new, front & rear will need replaced with 2 of these 3 new tires) K&N Filter Rich Maud Gel Seat Cover on Driver Seat Ural Factory Seat Cover on Pillion Seat Ural Maintenance 2 CD Set Emgo Filter, O Ring, & extra Top Hat, extra valve adjustment bolts, ...perhaps I've forgotten something... I will not sell separately. It all sells as a package, hopefully to a well deserving new RIMC member looking for a great bike at a great price. The Bike is in good shape for it's age. Never wrecked, always Garaged. No surprise -- Russian Chrome parts do have some rust -- Wheels, Shocks, Mufflers. I'll leave that to you to polish away I really wish I could keep it. I've loved every moment of owning & riding my Ural. My daily commuting needs have pushed me into getting a larger BMW to ride along with the crazy Cagers on the Interstate. PM me to discuss the Ural, then we can switch to phone calls or email if you prefer. Thanks for looking!
  3. that's gotta be the most hard core "someone's on my bike" story I've read here. Punches exchanged... :thumbsup!: anyone remember any worse?
  4. I was out one evening a few days ago. You know, one of those warmer evenings that pop up in the middle of "normal" 30 degree weather for Indiana this time of year. It was however, still very dark. I was entering a 45 mph zone and was doing about... Ooops! I see the Red & Blue flashing lights coming toward me. Now what? I pulled over, and sat there thinking I'm gonna be the first guy to say "I got a speeding ticket on a Ural" The Police Car flips around and then pulls in behind me -- then I hear footsteps, and the words from behind me: "you don't need to take off your helmet, I thought you were a Car with one headlight" I pulled my Helmet off anyway and we both had a little laugh about it...
  5. I fired mine up a few weeks ago. Well ok maybe I even got a ride in one day back in January. My routine: After a long, long, snow's too deep to open the shed doors, Winter hibernation, I usually kick her over a several times without the ignition switch on just to get the juices circulating,,, then push the button. She's always started, but usually on the 2nd attempt. Actually I think I remember being horrified by the condensation that was all over the bike when I first opend the Garage to see her this year. Winter + Gravel Garage Floor = Condensation --> MORE RUST I don't remember who on the forum recommended the above "kick over the juices" routine, but it works for me.
  6. Given the way my chrome is starting to look... I wish my bike had started with black wheels, in fact, I wish it was black everything Utility Black -- I like it.
  7. The first one is obvious but what's the other one? looks very interesting. Funny, I see now that you typed "obvious", but my brain saw "obnoxious" at first glance of the text. and I thought: WHAT? That 1st one is cool !! Only then to take a closer look and think -- hey, isn't that a VW "the Thing" ? Aren't there some of those on the Blitz Bikes site? What ever they're called.
  8. kewl. Great fun, huh? You're already on the right track, fellow foilhead. Next time give 'em the high kick when you climb off that rig. You'll be flying the chair for that same crowd in no time.
  9. Sounds like exactly the same symptom to me. Is there a "best practice" way to check the cable without removing it completely? I put my new clutch cable on -- it's great to be rolling again.
  10. Glad to hear that something positive is happening out there as a result of my mishaps. Oh, I didn't mention that I actually stopped on the side of the road when it snapped, got off the bike,, leaned over to look,,, and burned the sh!^ out of my left leg too. Yes, the gremlins had tricked me into wearing gym shorts.
  11. The Gremlins were talking to me, but I refused to pay attention. I kept thinking "why is this cable stretching so much?" Then I would think "well maybe that's just the cable stretch you guys talk about" My clutch cable snapped @ 23,000 KM, I was left with about 3" of cable at the handle and a big freyed mess beyond that. Luckily, I had just stopped at a light and started rolling again. I managed to get it home in first gear. I have a new cable ordered and Terry says they're a bit stronger now... At what point should I have realized I was on my way to a disaster?
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