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  1. Sure! I livedin a fromer Soviet republic for a while and saw some truly amazing modifications. I guess what I am saying is don't read to much into anything. I am alway curious too. I really wondered what use some of the military bikes might have had that I brought back with me.
  2. The KMZ and IMZ parts interchange. I would not get too excited about what is stamped on your engine internals. It looks like your bike engine was rebuilt during Soviet times. Parts availability was a problem then and it is not surprising that they used what was available.
  3. Maybe the place to look would be some of the Chinese vendors. I think I remember the Blitz Bikes guy saying he got his from China. Have you checked out vendors on the Chang Jiang Unlimited site?
  4. With the wrong cylinder heads on it! Man these things are getting expensive! I would sell mine in an instant if I could get that many euros!
  5. Here is my M-72. I bought mine in Kazakhstan and shipped it back. There are a few other M-72 owners here. It's nice to see our ranks expanding! Feel free to PM me with questions. Bill
  6. Next time you are there you need to put out a bounty on the factory sign. I was able to bribe my way into a military warehouse while I was in KZ. While I couldn't go in personaly, I was able to forward shopping lists! You never know how hungry somebody might be! Bill
  7. Bill


    Wow, very spooky! I had some problems when we first moved into our home. My wife and I head footsteps in our bedroom and other strange goings on. Things started to break like one of my grandmother’s dished fell from a high cabinet and a vise I had not bolted to the work bench in the basement fell on the floor. My wife told them they could stay if they behaved and we had no more trouble. Good luck Martyn!
  8. Hi Pete, I’m afraid don't have answers to your questions. But, I wanted to tell you that I ordered two complete wheels for M-72 from Ural Zentral. It seemed that the price was very inexpensive. When I get some more money I’ll order two more. Maybe this would be a cheaper option? Bill
  9. I'm pretty low-tech but my secret for keeping warm is fake wolf fur.
  10. We don't get very much snow here and it usally melts pretty quickly. That dosen't stop me from taking out the MV-750M when it does though!
  11. My daughter had her first motorcycle ride when she was less than a year old with her mom riding with her to hold her in place. She has been riding by herself since she was three and she is now 4 ½. Who else here can say they have been riding Soviet motorcycles for almost half their lives?
  12. When I lived in Alma Ata I used to park my K-750 under a balcony in the bulding where I lived. The bike fit there but the space was to small for me to stand up. I used to have to crawl in and push the bike out before I could start it. I used to keep the battery in my apartment because somebody stole the first one I had. Other than that no problem. Now that I returned home to the United States I have a nice garage. There were many Soviet era garages available for rent when I was in Kazakhstan, I was too cheap to do that though. Bill
  13. I guess I can’t really type too much here… I’ll make it short.

    O.K. 2 clutch plates, bearing, rod ,distance piece thing and shipping- $50

    If PayPal works for you can send payment to: sales@redoctobermotorcycles.com

  14. A lot of different transmissions have been bolted to M-72 engines. Could you measure the length of the pushrod? I have a small pile of them of varying lengths. I have some clutch disks too. Before you go too far…

    It might be worth seeing if replacing the pushrod/bearing is enough to fix the problem before you tear it down. They can be replaced without removing the engine. You will...

  15. Well, who was your rebuilder so we'll know to stay away? I guess I will leave it alone. I will get nothing out of him and everyone else seems to love him. And I seem to be the only guy who has had a problem with his work.
  16. Thanks Guys, I played around with the bike today and I think it is the pushed rod/ bearing. So I am in the market and can I replace these parts without removing the whole transmission. (I hope so) I am living in Tampa Florida these days and trying to get the bike up and going again since I was living overseas for 3 years... It has been a job. I have a box of clutch parts. I am guessing that you do not need the rod just the bearing disc think right? Or are you missing other parts? PM me and we can talk about it. Bill
  17. Wow, that sounds MUCH easier than what I did!
  18. Actually, I didn't buy the clutch disks. I made the mistake of having somebody else rebuild this engine. I wouldn't do it now. but at the time I belived all to positive comments others made about the rebuilder. I found multiple problems with the rebuild for which I was charged a price double than was quoted. Live and learn...
  19. Once you find the problem I probably have what ever part you need, let me know. Good to see another M-72 owner on the site! (and not that far away either!)
  20. I had a similar problem. I think the dent in my float may have had something to do with it. I ended up carefully filing a new groove in the float needle and moving it up slightly so the needle would fit more tightly to stop gas flow. The new groove was very close to the original, maybe 1/16”-1/32” lower.
  21. As an experiment I soldered a copper “collar” around a small 6v bulb so it would make contact where it should. I am still using standard bulbs for now, but I tried the experiment bulb and it worked fine. 6v bulbs are pretty easy to find on e-bay. If you want one today do hardware store and ask for a bulb to fit a flashlight. Sometimes they have a box of them behind the counter. Just look for one that is 6v with a narrow head suitable for conversion. Bill
  22. Wow, what an interesting thing to find!
  23. More trouble for the M-72 Looks like it ate it’s clutch disk… Not too happy to find clutch springs looked to be old and different heights which may have contributed to the clutch failure. The discs looked to be crap too. At least I have another set that looks to be much better quality that I will install to replace these. This was supposed to be a completely rebuilt engine. So far I have about 400km on the bike since the rebuild…
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