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  1. Since the new Triumph Twins are being assembled in Thailand, would that make them 'Siamese Twins' ?
  2. I know I parked my rig here somewhere????
  3. Wombat

    I buggered it!

    Thanks for the well wishes, I doubt that there is much damage to the bike itself, other than the rear blinker/fender mount and the mirrors which snapped off as I flew over the bars. The front lower sidecar mount is severely bent and it has 'touched' the fins on the right jug, so I have no idea if that may have caused any damage to the motor or the frame on that side. After a whack like that, I would be suspect of the condition of the bike if it was repaired. When the insurance assessor looked at the front end, he commented on how the front forks were bent back. He has obviously never seen leading link forks before. Well I have a few months to decide what to buy as a replacement. Maybe the '08s will be out by the time I am ready to get back on the road
  4. Wombat

    I buggered it!

    On my way home from the Hardware store this afternoon and skooting along at a good clip and decided to change lanes as I was approaching the left turn heading towards home. I was loking over my shoulder to make sure that it was safe to change lanes and when I looked forward the traffic had come to a complete stop. I tried to get accross into the left lane but the sidecar hit the left rear corner of the car in front of me, throwing me off the bike. The rig ended up on its side and I rolled a bit, but when I tried to get up. it was obvious that I had broken my right leg. This was confirmed by xrays and cat scans as a fractured Tibial Plateau, which means I have to be off my leg (on crutches) for about 3 months. I will know next week if I will require surgery to put a couple of screws in the bone As well as this I have sprained my right wrist, which may well play havoc with my sex life. :-P All I can say is that I am so glad that there was noone in the sidecar, as they would have had much more serious injuries than mine. Some pics of the damage. The insurance asessor had estimated the damage to be over $10K, so they totalled it and gave me a check.
  5. Kliff, I have a pair of OEM tractor seats (complete front and rear) that were taken off my '05 Tourist prior to the dealer delivering it to me, to install the bench seat. Other than the test ride, these are 'butt free'. I would like to sell them as a pair. Shoot me off an email. Bob
  6. I use a Morgan Carbtune and sych procedure is as per the manual and synch is spot on. When rejetting my Triumph (which is the only experience that I have in this area), it is common practice to shim the needle or use a slightly different tapered needle to get a bit more fuel a bit earlier as the needle lifts. The reason for asking is not that I feel that I am any different, but seeking advise from those that have more knowledge and experience than myself of things Ural .
  7. Yep Throttles synched. It is not so much a hesitation as it feels like a flat spot. Is 1.5 turns out about right for the mixture screws? When I rejetted the Trumpy, I lifted the needle a tad to get rid if the flat spot that it had.
  8. I have removed the cats, installed a K+N filter and rejetted to 42/127.5, mixture screws 1.5 turns out. It feels a bit 'flat' on take off. Should I wind the mixture screws out a tad more, or would lifting the needle help?
  9. Well it is made for the HD crowd.....waddaya expect?
  10. I know some of you have Machine guns on the front, but now you can cover you rears as well. http://www.tailgunnerexhaust.com/
  11. Wombat

    Bad American...

    John, I agree with all of what you say. Except that owning a gun just makes you a gun owner.....not smart. Irrespective of nationality.
  12. If one was to hypothetically remove the cats, could you simply remove the short piece of pipe that goes between the header and the muffler and fit the muffler directly to the header? This would effectively shorten the exhaust by about 4 inches.
  13. Do you really thing that a weld would stop anything falling off?
  14. I have been informed that the needles in the Thruxton carbs are the same taper/size as the Factory Pro items. I will be ordering some for my Thunderbird, so I will try them in the Tourists carbs to see if they make any difference as well.
  15. Wombat


    I would have to guess that the only sure fire way to balance the carbs is with one of those 'Things'.
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