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  1. Yeah, she talks big, but I think she would miss taking naps along the way. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. About to head out on the trike, but I already have a freeloader riding with me this time. See you guys there.
  3. Very cool. That's exactly what I'm looking for to be my next project. I want to do one as an enduro/scrambler. Good luck with it
  4. My daughter is helping raise some money this year, and wants to ride along, so she will be riding on the back o my trike. Her neurosurgeon (she was born with Hydrocephalus) works with a lot of children with brain tumors. After talking with him at her last CAT-scan. she informed me she gets to go this year.
  5. Yeah, I remember you had a little trouble with that last year. I have to get under the trike and get a cv joint or two replaced.... Too many wheelies. Taking my daughter on the back this time. I need a few Russian bikes to drool over since I haven't found a replacement for 'mater yet.
  6. Anyone else doing the Atlanta Ride for Kids in June this year. I'll be on the VW instead of the ural since I sold the ural last year. (still looking for an older project) Just wanted to find out who else was going from here.
  7. I have a brand new, with the box, Kand N air filter. This is the one that fits in the cylindrical Dnepr plastic Box. E-9245 . I also have a recharge Kit (no box, but unused) for the filter. I'll let both go for $25. (shipping in con US included) SOLD
  8. OK, I take that back, although the case is similar, the angled airbox makes it not an xa.
  9. Harley XA gearbox? Not sure about the frame. It resembles the xa in some areas, but looks more heavily built.
  10. Welcome! Hope the site pics cheer him a little. Dealing with my dad (retired Army Artillary) being hospitalized for a long stay right now, and keeping his spirits up has been the best med for him. My ride.
  11. I have one exactly like the picture from ebay in DavidB's post if that is the type you need. I ordered it a while back before I figured out it wouldn't fit my ural tank. Hi Mattman, That's the one I need, what do you want for it with shipping? Thanks SA Clear the space on my shelf for me. Send me your address on PM, or here, and I'll get it out tomorrow when I go to the P.O. to ship another part.
  12. If this is what you need, let me know. It's just taking up space on my bench.
  13. I have one exactly like the picture from ebay in DavidB's post if that is the type you need. I ordered it a while back before I figured out it wouldn't fit my ural tank.
  14. Or ask gene about his run in with a pig. I've flipped mine twice, once on the road, but no major crashes. No contact with other vehicles.
  15. It makes a quick jack for removing wheels. That's about it...
  16. Heck, I already used it as a submarine. The air cleaner didn't like it.
  17. The 650 I have and the front end off the parts bike dnepr I have are both left hand threaded
  18. Planning on replacing my crappy ural top feeding airbox with the plastic round dnepr one. I have found one on ebay from masterss. airbox But, I just wanted to check here first to see if anyone had one locally. (Not that I mind the month wait or anything....
  19. reman. Gearbox Attach a couple pics, and we can help identify a general time period for your bike, and help you find sources. Parts are easy to find once you know where to look.
  20. I agree, looks like everything's been spinning nicely. No score marks on cylinders, etc...
  21. I have a 2000 tourist. I don't get much if any water off the front wheel. Do you have the rubber mudguard on the back of the fender? I am running leg guards. Not sure if that helps or not.
  22. OK...I'll just skip the ballast and learn to take my right turns slowly enough...and practice hanging-over. Ballast, but that keeps the chair from flying! I used nothing. Had a couple light right tire moments when I started, but after learning, I just anticipate when the sc is empty That I have to be aware on right turns.
  23. Just offhand does anyone know if the petcocks for a CJ will fit a ural tank, and vice versa? (older threaded style) And is there anything to stay away from as far as tool box CJ tanks go? I am looking at some rough tanks from This guy I have also been checking out some raw headersfrom the same seller, So I do not have to grind off chrome before welding. They are from a flathead cj, and I was curious about wether the diameter of the pipes was the same as the push-in headers on a 650 ural.
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