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  1. The older bikes in good shape seem to have depreciated to about half of their original retail price and sort of stopped at that number. Approximately $3,000 to $3,500 is what I've been seeing asked and paid for that vintage bike and that is in line with half of the NADA original suggested list price. We can only hope that someone using NADA as a guide and not paying attention would offer up a nice bike for $815.00. I'm sure that we would all be tripping over each other to get to it first.
  2. Sucks when the wheels fall off of the Internet. Glad to hear that you're feeling better, John. It's good to see you (virtually at least) out and about.
  3. Ken, you are inscrutable. I tried to read your post as Haiku: important shovels I must drop mine from the bridge or lose my image Still don't get it.
  4. Truth be told, John, Marty and I have a mutually respectful relationship behind the Steeds board. In the spirit of good-natured ribbing, I made sure that they were cool with my recent post on their board about the "Russian Iron" gang vs the chickensh*t "Wrenchmouth" gang. It's all good. For those who might have forgotten or never knew, although I founded it, I no longer have any official capacity on the Russian Iron board or the Russian Iron Motorcycle Club, so please don't mistake my views or opinions for one who speaks for the moderators or the management. I embarrass only myself.
  5. Very artistic and creative. Looks like a well thought-out plan with tremendous attention to detail. Good luck with your project!
  6. I had already heard about this. Rich Maund without a Ural! Oh my God, it's the end of an era.
  7. She's a beauty! Please keep us updated on your progress. Your experience will be a help to those who follow in your footsteps.
  8. Just a heads-up on the dates for the Fall Annural Rebellious Tour. Mark your calendar: October 9,10,11. The second week of October - same as it ever was. Swannanoa KOA. Swannanoa, North Carolina (just outside of Asheville). Details to follow. As a teaser for those who missed it, here is a pic from last year's epic ride. Yes, that's a real geyser (sort of).
  9. The owner was in the process of dialing it in and had not taken it over 75mph. We hit near 60mph on my ride. Look closely and you'll see that the sidecar is infinitely adjustable and the sidecar tire has two adjustment rods to set camber on that big tire. Home-brewed, but well thought out for sure. And I would have expected an Australian to be thoroughly seduced by its Mad Max charms. Tsk, tsk. Well, at least you guys responded. On the Steeds Board, they get a bigger hard-on over a folding shovel than they do a bike like this.
  10. Out and about Saturday on the Ural (there's the rooskie bike connection) and spotted this lovely beast. The owner built it up from scratch and had just finished it that day. Couldn't convince him to let me pilot it, but I did get a ride. Thrilling! The whole thing works like a dream and is as smooth as silk. Love the Mad Max vibe. And how about that tire?
  11. OMG - what a great story! Thanks for posting that.
  12. Got a few photos from my phone. No formal rides at CRAP, but my daughter Chloe and I took a little ride to introduce her new dog to the sidecar. Found a cool abandoned dam down the road a bit. Unfortunately, my phone "up and died" like Mr Bojangles's Dog when we got back to CRAP. So, these are the only pics I took.
  13. Hey, a shout out to Guzzidude, Sallen, and Goodinoff for wearing the Russian Iron colors to CRAP. Ready to rumble, the guys waited around all day for members of the Wrenchmouth gang to show, but, as always, the Wrenchmouths were too chicken###### to identify themselves. Heh, heh.
  14. John, thanks for all the hard work. Really appreciate the effort you and your friends and family put into this weekend. Had a great time! :) A pic of The King of CRAP, Chloe and an unlucky pig.
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