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  2. Even more good stuff from Ernie!!!! I posted to the articles section but here is a direct link! http://www.russianiron.com/eafranke_ural8/ural_info_pdf8.html
  3. Hi,i have an 89 650 ccm Ots had new pistons,rebore,and has been honed.It runs and starts fine but seems to have exess crankcase pressure.Ive heard about the valve and what problems it could have.Could this be the cause ?.
  4. Can somebody do me a favour and measure the diameter of the wire used to make the slide spring for the CVK used on the 750? I'm having problems with the revs being slowish to return to idle after blipping the throttle on a hot engine. Been through all the usual suspects and it's now time to get esoteric. I know the manifold rubbers can be a bit iffy on these things but they look OK and pass the WD40 test, ordered new ones just in case. The slide spring looks really thin so I'm wondering it somebody has put in something tthinner to improve throttle responce. The slide holes don't look like they have been touched though. It has Gossie needles, one of which is worn. I'm looking for an alternative as I've heard this is not unusual. The bike has 14000km on it.
  5. bit puzzled with the route of the left hand throttle cable ? when i bought the bike the cable was just over the frame top . now changed the carbs and want to fit the tank. but it will lay on the cable. does it run a round the head stock? anyone...... tried to look else where but nothing.......
  6. Hello all, picked up my first and only Dnepr around 2016 when I traded for a 78 vw beetle. Ran rough if at all and until last year I didn’t invest anything but time and sweat pushing it back home. I think it’s mostly a mid 80’s model as it’s Titled in Tennessee as a 2008 build. Picked up two K68 carbs when I bit the bullet and bought a used sidecar out of the Ukraine. Was running dramatically better and I was hunting for more mid range torque when it choked out as I was adjusting and hasn’t started sense. Question: Please recommend a base line to set the K68 carbs too to get it started again. When I switched out the K65’s my throttle cables were too short and I cut and bottomed out the adjuster to get 2-3mm of slack in the cables ( might be my issue) as the K65 idol screw doesn’t exist on the new.
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  8. ok thankyou very much
  9. It will fit whitout problems on the head light mounts but you need to modify the electrics. Topic here:
  10. will a k750 head light fit a dnepr 650 mt 10 without to much grief? i like the look of them with the speedo etc. better than the bic metal pod for ignition and speedo plus idot lights.... this type https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284296180587
  11. The battery could be on it's way out ..it's over six years old now
  12. that's handy. the seller told me they should be ready to fit --- but i will give them a clean with some carb cleaner and general tidy up. glad he had the adaptors as well that's a saving lol
  13. This might be of some use. Jikov - Vergaser Typ 2928 CE fuer URAL IMZ-8_1030--IMZ-8_123.mht
  14. got these coming sellers photo ...can't get it any bigger or right way up
  15. K68 or K65. if you HAVE to use Russian carbs try the K65s. A better design that can be assembled in such a way as to make them OK espesially if you get the later float needles without the tiny rubber ring. K68 work but they are fundementally flawed due to the emulsion circuit being disabled. This leads to poor atomisation. There are companies out there that use Keihin. These work well too but are more expensive.
  16. what others are there that just bolt on? thanks
  17. Not a streight bolt on. You need the rubber adapters and to organize your own cables. You might have to fix up new pipes to the air filter box.
  18. will these bolt straight on? what about the cables? thanks
  19. Mikuni TM28 form Aliexpress. #190 main jet, 5L1 needle (from ebay) #15 idle jet. Take out the air jet. Bob's your uncle and Fanny's your aunty.
  20. what carbs do you folks use to replace the k301's on my dnepr 650? seen lots of posts but it all gets to confusing....... pz28's pekar k68's etc etc .... thanks
  21. Holopaw Ural may have trailer hitches, they make trailers for Urals. https://uralofholopaw.com/
  22. Looking for a trailer hitch for my 2011 G/U. Does anyone have one or can you tell me where to look for one? Thank you, SteveG
  23. I know of the Ducati ignition but I've never examined one. After the type III (which looked very much like the ignition shown above) they switched to a unit which was dubbed type 4 and it had the guts in a puck which sat over a rotor that looked like the one above. It had a photodetector (or at least it looked like a photodetector) that was triggered by the slot and it had an indicator LED on the front. You set the timing statically using the LED. This was short lived as the unit tended to overheat and shut down so they made the puck separate and mounted it outside the case to keep it cool. It still had some heat issues in hot weather so they switched to the Ducati. But there are some other ignitions that popped up on the aftermarket that are unique to themselves.
  24. Vance, is that the Ducati ignition you are talking about? Haven't got round to checking that yet. Got her running for the first time yesterday.
  25. hope this does the trick(this time).... thanks for the input guys
  26. I'm glad you caught that, I was thinking it could be magnetic but on the Ural ignitions it was optical. The pot metal rotors would often throw a slug or get loose against the key and wobble and I thought maybe whoever made this one switched to prevent that. The main thing is to get him going!
  27. this is the type as stated by SB, only just found out it should have a plastic washer like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284572959623?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 mine was removed by PO ..why do not know. one now ordered.
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