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  2. Got it! Thank you! Hope to get it fired up for the first time in a couple years this weekend.
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    And those of us with no useful comments are still watching and reading. RussN
  4. sounds good jim... will put that on my to do list.....
  5. There were a bunch of them today!πŸ˜‰ If anyone asks a question here it is quickly answered.
  6. Hi, Fitz Since there doesn't seem to be much information about this, I have taken some measurements from my Dnepr (with RHS sidecar) It doesn't appear to need that much cut off. I think, if I was doing it, I would cut off the bare minimum and weld on a mount for a bicycle pedal, like the old Harleys had, to give you a better pushing movement from above. This is just a rough idea. God luck with it. Jim
  7. Long story short there was an incident where some folks found fun in the way the folks at the factory appeared in photographs. Generally, in Russia the custom was not to smile when having your photograph taken. They were called on it and got upset and founded another site an a lot of folks switched as the rules regarding that type of behavior were looser there. Additionally this site had some downtime which also didn't help.
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    Can anyone tell me why there are no new posts on this site?
  9. The hell with the Hell's Angels.
  10. I was born on May 8, 1945. VE Day. My parents were immigrants from Germany in 1930. They lived the "American Dream" and so do I . You can drag up the past and spin it any way you want. All I can say after 77 years on this planet is; God has blessed me and God Bless America !!!!
  11. anyone any ideas ???????????????
  12. I haven't had a carb Ural for over 8 years but it should be a small tube sticking up on the left hand carb just in front of the diaphragm cover. You can see it here: https://live.uralcatalog.com/details/3970
  13. Earlier
  14. Hello gents, Silly question really but I am reassembling a 2013 Ural and I can’t determine where the petcock vacuum line plugs into the carbs. Anyone have a pointer?
  15. Hi folks This may be a different topic but may well be a continuation of the same story. As mentioned above, I replaced my points with an electronic ignition. The situation now is that the bike starts first kick every time, runs on both cylinders for a few minutes then goes down to one cylinder for about 1/4 mile then the second cylinder kicks back in. When I swap plug leads over, the other cylinder dies. After that it runs very nicely. The only thing is, I think it is pinking at high revs and I have the ignition set at the most retarded psition. i.e. it can't move any further anti-clockwise. Maybe it is the sparkplug choice. I have used BP6HS and am trying slightly cooler BP7HS. Anyone any thoughts on these issues? Ride safe Jim
  16. Hi, Fitz I thought most people with sidecars on the LHS fitted a starter motor. I know the parts are available from Ural zentrale in Germany but it is expensive. Hope you get sorted ride safe Jm
  17. been a while since i posted had major op to left leg and foot.... now i need advise on how to mod my kicker... as i have a lefthand mounted sidecar and space is tight. anyone done one? ideas would be great and photos even better cheers
  18. An interesting evaluation of the failure modes. Happily, my new unused alternator has worked perfectly all these years, in my parts cabinet! RussN
  19. If the starter/alternator reman company I worked for was still around, it might be fun to see what they could reverse engineer out of it. I took the pieces of one in to get some info, and the consensus after a quick analysis was that the armature was Bosch and the rotor was Denso. The guesses were that its application was either agricultural or marine. Their belief was that the designers had taken the best from both manufacturers, but the problem was that the rotor alloy was not top quality and tended to bend JUST a little bit. When it reached that point, the rotor would bind up, and bye-bye alternator and maybe bye-bye engine.
  20. Ha. Ha Ha Ha. Oh hell no. Thanks though!πŸ˜†
  21. On the alternator subject: I recently re-discovered that I have a brand new Ural "factory-reworked to resolve failure issues" ( early 2000s) 35 Amp alternator in my parts collection. Anyone need one? RussN
  22. I met a nice fellow with a combination rig yesterday and it's set up wrong, I told him about the yellow book, IIRC it's somewhere on this site for free download..... TIA from two working class Blue Collar Mechanics .
  23. Exactly! You don't know how depressing it is to see your engine case start to crack because the alternator seized.
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