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  2. My 2015 GU has 25000 km on the clock. It runs well after warming up a bit but after a kilometer or so, the check engine light comes on. I've tried activating the blink code system but it won't even blink out a code for me. I tried disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it and nothing. The engine runs well and the light still comes on. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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  4. Sounds like a Plan... Next trip thru Louisville...I owe ya a toddy
  5. Well 30 mm is a fat 1 1/8" and 12 mm is a skinny 1/2 inch bolt. I wouldn't want to attach the ball to the frame with anything smaller but you could always drill it out and tap it 5/8 or 3/4. If you are looking for a US source, look for a drilling ball between 1 1/8 and 1 3/16. 1 3/16 is about 6 thousandths over 30 mm.
  6. Thanks for that.... I ain't too good with the Metric size stuff... but Assume, that bigger attachment bolt size is Better... Those might be exactly what I need... will try to do some Engineering with that... If all goes well, I plan on a Dnepr Car, hooked to a "spare" Harley layin around here... Just a bit more Speed!!!! Darn it... Out of China!!!! will Look diligently for a US supplier... but.... If I can't find one...
  7. Welcome I never owned any newer than the 2007 and Loved it... Moved on after my crippled ole Butt can't hold a Harley Bagger Upright reliably!!!
  8. I was just goofing off on ebay and found drilled stainless 30mm steel balls for about $13.50/2 and $4.50 shipping. https://www.ebay.com/itm/154744459253?hash=item24077d0ff5:g:ExUAAOSwqNdhtFdf
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  10. I figured that... plan on trying to source 30mm balls... wondering if 1" will suffice?? Thanks again...
  11. I think all balls has to be almost 30mm in diameter but in time maybe the balls has worn out, as you can see the M72 balls are smaller but also the oldest and the Dnepr balls are from 1991.
  12. Excellent... Exactly what I needed..I owe ya One...Thanks
  13. I have measured the balls, Ural M72 has 27mm, Ural M63 has 28mm and Dnepr has almost 30mm.
  14. Not Funny... Now LMK... Or not....I may just take Mine apart to see... tho Not what I wanted to do.. LOL Tho for the Price of Just the Hack, I can probably just Park the Dnepr, and Use that Hack... Money Ahead!!
  15. I was in my garage at least ten times in the last week but I always forget to measure the balls and I have four sidecar frames in garage.
  16. It's a massive challenge for them, that's for sure.
  17. I am watching with interest as Irbit Motor Works of America (IMWA) works hard to move motorcycle production from Irbit, RU, to Kazakhstan, due to world political challenges. IMWA's latest video interview with CEO Ilya Khait brings us up to date. Despite the huge challenges, I am beginning to believe the Ural Species will survive. 'Sure hope so, despite the expected higher prices. RussN
  18. Also inspect to see if there is evidence of oil in the bell housing. Urals have dry clutches like cars, so any oil is cause for slipping. However, I trust Vance's evaluation. But first make sure the clutch does not require adjustment. The clutch hand lever will likely be your first telltale for that. RussN
  19. Thanks Vance, was hoping it was something simple, like the rubber doughnut ..the slippage was only for a fraction of a second but what you say makes sense, even with very few miles on the clock
  20. Sounds like the clutch. Sometimes particles of the friction material can build up between the plates preventing a good mating between them and it will slip under load. Sometimes this resolves itself, otherwise it requires removing the clutch plates. It can also indicate a clutch that is worn and just needs replacing. I will say that if I tear it down all the way new plates are going in anyways because although it's not too hard to access it can be a bear to reassemble and you WILL need a clutch alignment tool. Good luck.
  21. Mornin from a cold and wet County Kerry I was coming home on my 2015 when, on acceleration, the drive slipped. It felt like it was from the shaft and am going to investigate properly this evening. It happened twice and drove fine otherwise, only if i tried to speed up too quickly. Have any of you good folk encountered this?
  22. You are like me.. Memory is the ....2nd thing to go!!!!
  23. thanks for input, have buddy next door who is a electrician and is restoring a old corvette so he said he would take a peek, just strange after safety and a 200k test I'm dealing with this.
  24. If I will not forget I will measure on my frame tomorow.
  25. Welcome to the site. That bike has about every option except the winch. Very nice. They even included the first fender dent for you. : ) I hope it gives you many miles of fun.
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