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  2. I have a 650 Ural transmission modified to mate to a BMW motor. I also have a new in box BMW 7mm /2 clutch plate and diaphragm spring. I originally had this transmission modified for a friend who Put an R100 motor in his 1wd 650 Ural. He also had 3.89 solo gearing on his Ural. I loved this combination. I also have a new set of 3.89 (9/35) gears for someone who might have use for them. I would like $750 for the transmission, centering ring and modified clutch pushrod. The centering ring and clutch pushrod have disappeared in the years since this was built, but I will have a new centering ring and clutch pushrod made if anyone buys this. I will sell the new clutch plate and spring for $100 ( about half of new). If anyone is interested in the gearset, I would like $50.
  3. I didn't realise Ernie Franke went into so much detail on final drives. Found the relevent figure for lash on the crown gear. 0.1-0.3mm. It's really quite a simple set up and after a bit of trial and error got my lash more or less between the limits. All feels very smooth with new gears and bearings. Will give it a test drive in the next few days. ride safe jim
  4. Luca: I look forward to hearing of your success running the engine. RussN
  5. I did not had the time to start the engine, maybe next week... but now I am sure it will run just fine considering what problems I had and now solved.
  6. Hello, fellas I am rebuilding a final drive. It has a broken worm gear shaft, so I am replacing everything, bearings etc. Is there a method for setting the lash for the gears? There are 2 places that can be shimmed. One which fixes the in/out position of the worm gear and the other the position of the crown gear. Is there any figures for clearances etc? Thanks for any tips. Ride safe jim
  7. Nice video, Luka and well explained. I hope your motor runs well. Ride safe jim
  8. I have made the setup for the ignition timing but because of the camshaft problem I was not able to put the timing on the correct values but I am close enough in order to make this engine runing good:
  9. Which bike, model, and year? It makes a difference in your answer. RussN
  10. I have a question about changing the bulb .How do you get to the individual bulbs? thanks ..
  11. Hi, Luca The reason I asked about pre-ignition is that I am having trouble with pinking on my mt10/36. I changed from points ignition because my bike would only run with the old style points weights not wth the new ones. Now I have the electronic ignition at full retard, in fact I made the slots longer to move the plate even more anti-clockwise, but it still fires a bit too soon. The full advance line comes in the window just above tickover. I don't think my timing is out on the shafts.
  12. First it was the sound and the fact is was reving too quick for a SV engine, also some of the compression was blowing in carburetor and sometimes the idle was not stable. Difficult start after sitting more then 15 minutes... there were obvious signs that told me something was not right. I did not had pre-ignition because I was forced to retard the ignition timing right from the start.
  13. Yes, well done, Luca, you could have been chasing that problem for a long time. When you say the engine was running with this problem, what was it you were not happy about? Were you getting pre-ignition?
  14. I'm not arguing. If I was being introduced to them now the price would make it much harder to say Yes. My first Tourist, 1 1994, was less than $5500. It was a demonstrator. But it's been a long, fun, ride!
  15. To be clear, I wasn't complaining about the price, just acknowledging that it has changed the market they are trying to swim in. I have the most fun with my bike doing things I wouldn't consider in something costing that much 🙂
  16. I am working again on my M72 and I had some trouble with the engine. Last time after I have worked on carburetors (you have link on previous page) I was not satisfied about the engine, it was running strong but I felt something is not right and I have decided to check the engine again and by that I mean the points position for the timing gear and camshaft. For doing this I have used the center lobe method and I have found that the camshaft was too advanced with two teeth. The camshaft is new but I am sure is a chinese CJ750 replica and the key slot was not done properly or the CJ750 has another position points on their timing gears.
  17. A good bit of the price increase is due to newer, more high tech parts to meet emissions standards and to satisfy customer requests for more reliability. These had to be sourced outside Russia and were more expensive than the parts previously used. In order to survive they had to make changes. I don't see much of a less expensive route to reach that goal. And parts made in low volumes to a new design will add to the cost. Plus the recent changes they had to make because of Mad Vlad.
  18. David: I share the same pricing concerns as you do. These bikes are now for more serious sidecarists. And I hope Ural survives. There is still no ride like a Ural! RussN
  19. I haven't ridden in a few months while rehab'ing from surgery but hoping to remedy that soon. I frankly haven't fully understood how they have survived for quite a few years now, given the limited production numbers. There certainly have been a lot of improvements in the twenty years I've been playing with them. Of course, they do cost three times as much as they did then. I think the pricing is a little bit of an issue. Only available as a Gear Up now and even with no accessories, OTD price is over $25k. A few new cars available for less including a couple of EV after rebates. That's a tough one to swallow with a spotty dealer network and lingering quality reputation. I love mine and plan to do everything I can to riding it as long as I am able but I don't see buying a new one.
  20. I hope you get the opportunity to upgrade to a new Ural. Your 1998 "Gort" BC 650/750 is still going strong. 100K++ kms so far... RussN
  21. You should come up and visit us in Seattle! It's "nice" up here. A bit rainy, but not too cold. Though lots of pot holes that I think I could fall into and get lost in... But we've been puttering around; just gotta bundle up! I still feel cautiously optimistic about the future of Ural, now that they've gotten assembly successfully up and running in Kazakhstan. Plus the improvements in the new 2023 models are quite impressive. We've definitely had our eyes on upgrading to one of the newer models at some point, so at the very least I really HOPE they continue to thrive and produce bikes!
  22. No Ural riding from my garage and in my area of Northern Oregon, USA. Too damned cold for my old bones, with frozen snow & ice on the ground. And I remain worried about the future of Ural motorcycles. Comments? RussN
  23. For two decades some very stup...errr brave riders have been chasing the Jersey Devil through the NJ Pine Barrens. It is with immense pleasure that I announce the 20th running of the Jersey Devil Hunt. The JDH is the largest East Coast Ural event centered around off-roading with the main ride occurring on the Saturday. The last few years we have also been doing a pavement-only Devil's Tail Tour on Saturday, so all of those of you who have always wanted to come out but not necessarily get dirty can participate! The Tail Tour hits some fun spots, with a dose of scenery and history thrown in. It is usually all paved roads with the occasional state park road in the mix. Join us for a whole weekend of off-road riding, pavement touring and camaraderie around the campfire. Whether you have 100km on the clock or you can replace a Ural clutch in your sleep, the JDH is always a good time for beginners and grizzled veterans alike. Note that we expect a higher than usual attendance as this is the 20th JDH. Tent camping is pretty much unlimited but trailer sites or cabins are limited so please make your plans early and contact Turtle Run sooner rather than later. WHEN Friday May 12th to Sunday May 14th. Note that some folks show up Thursday night 11th and that's OK too. 😉 WHERE Turtle Run Campground located in Egg Harbor City, NJ. GPS Address for Campsite is 3 Cedar Lane, Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215 Turtle Run is a private campground with a convenient grill for meals and a camp store. They have flush toilets and hot showers. Alcoholic beverages are allowed, so bring a cooler. Ice and firewood are available at the office. The cost for tent camping is $10 per person, per night. Reservations are not needed for tent camping. Just show up, pay at the office and stake out a spot. We have the 'group' camping area sites T4, T5 and T6 with a nice big field to park bikes, non-camping trailers, cars, etc. If tent camping is not your thing, Turtle Run has cozy Cabins and Trailers for rent as well as RV/trailer sites with hookups. Contact Turtle Run directly for pricing and to reserve. Just tell them you are with the Soviet Steeds or Ural/Russian motorcycle guys. The owners are Rich and Joe and they are always great guys to deal with. If you have questions, just leave a message and they will get back to you. 609-965-5343 Turtle Run's Website There are area hotels for those that don't "do" camping. You will have to look at the area and find what suits your needs. You are of course more than welcome to have breakfast or dinner with us or hang around the fire even if you don't camp or ride off-road. RIDING We will be riding within the 115,000 acre Wharton State Forest, which is just across the road from the campground. We usually end up in parts of Bass River State Forest as well. General NJ Park Info HERE... We're doing a pavement ride so that the event could be open to more participants. The Devil’s Tail Tour is a separate pavement ride that happens concurrently with the off-road ride. It was a big hit with those that attended in the past and while I'm not sure who will be leading it, I guarantee it will be fun. All riding is done on public roads/lands, vehicles MUST be registered and street legal. It is a good idea to give your Ural a mechanical inspection to insure it is not only legal, but up for the rigors of a trail ride. If you have a friend or family member who wants to tag along on a street-legal dual sport bike they are welcome; they CANNOT bring an ATV, UTV, dirt bike, etc. This is great Uraling territory; mostly flat and sandy, occasional hills, few rocks, some mud and water crossings. Trails are just wide enough to fit a Ural and still be challenging. The sand has enough slip to make it fun yet enough traction to get going (most of the time). There's nothing too steep or scary off camber. The usual "stucks" are in soft sand or getting hung up in a rut or mud. There will be enough of us to push/pull you out. We ride at a pace that keeps riders of all skill levels happy. If that sounds boring just pick up the speed a bit or try going through that deep mud hole that everyone else bypassed. :twisted: 1wd or 2wd are both welcome. 2wd is NOT required. A knobby or 307 pusher helps, especially on 1wd, but is not required. We've had a Retro with a street tire and a cT do the off-road ride before. Spring 2019 we had a Neval Dnepr with street tires and open 2wd diff do the ride and it did amazing. He's since put 307's and that rig is unstoppable now. The JDH is an ideal opportunity for newer owners to get their feet wet (pun intended) off-roading while in the company of experienced riders who can offer advice on techniques and recommend mods and equipment. If you are new to riding off-road, especially on a Ural and/or haven’t been off-road in the Pines, check out Tips for NJ Pines Rides. The Tail Tour will be all on pavement, mostly secondary roads, usually no interstate but possibly some two lane state highway. GENERAL ITINERARY NOTE: As with most things Ural related, this seldom goes exactly to plan. or Гла́дко бы́ло на бума́ге, да забы́ли про овра́ги. Sometimes literally. Thursday night- A few folks get there Thursday night. Given this is the 20th, I'd expect a pretty good contingent for Thursday night. I will definitely be there by 5pm Thursday night. We may or may not go grab dinner, we may do campfire, etc. Your best bet is to PM me and swap cell numbers as the time gets closer to find out what we will be doing. Friday- Folks who stayed over from Thursday usually ride to Lucille's or some other local place for breakfast that morning and trail ride back. Most folks arrive at some point Friday day/night. Activities center around setting up camp, jabbering and some short trail rides, with occasional stopping back at camp to pick up new arrivals. We might grab lunch...or not. We USUALLY do dinner at a local restaurant that night. We might eat at the Turtle Run Grill, open air dining right in camp. TBD Sometimes we do a night ride on Great Bay Blvd. then relax around the campfire with a nice adult beverage. Saturday- This is the main day of off-roading and the pavement tour. We have coffee upon waking. Guys in camp usually brew up some nice stuff. Bring your mug! Breakfast around 9ish at the Turtle Run Grill. They take orders but the usual; coffee, eggs, bacon, toast, pork roll, etc. If they feel they have enough people and the resources they will do the buffet, but not guaranteed. The rally point is the field, ride leaves 9:30-ish. We eat lunch trailside, so pack a sandwich, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, etc. We ride into the afternoon, exact length and time depending on conditions, then back to camp. We take advantage of Turtle Run's Grill for monster cheesesteaks, burgers, hotdogs, fried pickles, etc. for dinner. Then with bellies full, we sit around the campfire soothing aching muscles, telling lies, exaggerating our off-road prowess and making memories. Sunday- Most folks hang for the Turtle Run Grill breakfast then start to break camp/head out. Occasionally a short morning dirt ride, and/or a quick ride out to the end of Turtle Creek Rd. Gas There is NOT gas close to camp or the trail entrance. We do not get gas before Saturday's ride. There are no gas stations along the off-road route. Fill your bike tank before arriving and a gas can is a plus. We all carry some spare gas, but you don't want to start the ride on fumes. Bernie's Service Center 5695 U.S. 9 New Gretna, NJ 08224 Citgo 5601 State Highway 9 Bass River, NJ 08087 If you will be attending, reply here and state if you are interested in the Devil Hunt (off-roading) or the Tail Tour (pavement). As this is the 20th JDH and there will be some special bonuses, we expect attendance to be record breaking. It is imperative that you reply here so we have a good headcount and can work with Turtle Run accordingly. If you have any general question that I didn’t cover, ask here. If you have a question specific to your situation, PM me. I hope to see you there!
  24. Got it! Thank you! Hope to get it fired up for the first time in a couple years this weekend.
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